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Hi.  Diane here.  Just turned 52.  I have been following a paleo/primal diet for a week now so Im not craving sweets and grains.  My hubby started last week also.  He wont be doing the Whole30 but I have cut him off of grains and sweets except for sandwich at lunch (no access to microwave).  


Excited to be here and ready to change my health.  I have gained about 20-25 pounds during the last 2 years.  I have an old lapband which is totally useless now but I really dont want to remove it.  


I love to cook whole good foods for us but it definatly is a challenge when you work alot.  I cooked plenty of stuff for the week which ill spoon out of after work.  Any suggestions on that?  Pintrest is the best when it comes to recipes. 


Im also joining our local Mayors fitness challenge which goes from Jan-March so thats more incentive.


Any other Floridians here a warm hello

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Hi Diane,

The Clothes Make The Girl has an excellent Weekly Cookup series on her blog that you might find handy for precooking and learning how to get the most done in the least amount of time: http://theclothesmakethegirl.com/2013/07/27/whole30-week-1-food-plan/

If I didn't precook on weekends we wouldn't eat all week, by the time I get home, change, walk the dog and start dinner, if I didn't have most of it ready in advance, we'd be eating at 8 at night. As an example, this week I made spicy tuna cakes from nomnompaleo for breakfast (will be served with sauteed spinach, mushrooms and sweet onion and topped with an egg). I also made WellFed Shepherd's Pie, baked it and then put it in the fridge, we'll reheat that on Thursday. I am marinating chicken pieces right now in Zenbelly Lemon Ginger marinade, I made 2# of greek meatballs from Well Fed 2 and will reheat those this week and I cooked a 4# pork shoulder and shredded the meat so we'll eat that as well. All of that prep plus chopping all the veggies and making mashed cauliflower (will reheat in a skillet during the week) took me 2.5 hours on Saturday and an hour today which means at most I'll have 15 minutes of prep on the weeknights.

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