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Starting on January 5th


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Hi everyone. My name is Lori and I will be starting this whole 30 tomorrow morning. I have a few quick questions.

Can I use soy sauce?

Where do I find fire roasted tomatoes that have no sugar? The ones I found have 1g of sugar.

Also, what type of salsa can I use that has no sugar?

I'm super excited, as I am a mom of two young girls and I want to ensure that they grow up eating healthy. Plus, I want to lose these last ten baby pounds. Any quick crock pot recipes are welcom, as I work full time and with a 2.8 yr old and an 8 month old time is very limited.

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Welcome. Are you looking at the nutritional facts or the ingredients? All vegetables and fruits have natural sugar which must be listed in the nutritional facts. If the ingredients are tomatoes and salt then you are good.


You will have to learn to read labels because some products that are compliant on the east coast are not compliant on the west coast, because they manufacture them differently. I think your best shot is Trader Joe's, Sprouts or whole foods. However Trader Joe's has started adding Soybean oil and canola oil to alot of their products which would make them not compliant. 


You can also make your own salsa with canned tomatoes, chopped onion, cilantro, jalopeno peppers, garlic salt, cumin, etc. Enjoy!

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Have a look at the program rules:http://whole30.com/whole30-program-rules/. As soy is not allowed, soy sauce is not allowed.

What Tina said on reading ingredient lists on labels. Look at that instead of the nutritional information, to determine compliance. We are hesitant to recommend specific products, as ingredients can change or vary by region.

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Hi Everyone,

I am Gina from Louisville, KY. I am in my late 50’s, diabetic 1&2, left leg amputee, with several other internal issues. I am not exactly a newbie since I followed the Blood Sugar Solution program with fantastic results. The Whole 30 program is much more user-friendly with tons more interactive support so I am looking forward to tomorrow and making friends here. I hope to find thoughts and ideas on a modified exercise regimen for individuals in wheelchairs as well as help with the food portion of W30.


My goals:

·         Nutrition: Whole30 program for a minimum of 6 weeks before reevaluating my situation.

·         Sleep: Bed by 10:30 pm and up early enough to have quality alone-time and/or exercise plus meal #1 by 8 am.

·         Personal growth: One fitness article before going to bed each night inn addition to following the Whole30 Dailies.


Good Luck!!!

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