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  • Double stuffed jalapeno garlic olives!   YUM!!

V-8  (although I've learned that I need to be careful with V-8 because it might be displacing some of the veggies on my plate) 

Organic whole chicken, organic ground beef

Organic extra virgin olive oil, and organic coconut oil (Nutiva)

Lots of great produce

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 - organic chicken breast (raw) 3-4 lbs

- organic chicken thighs (raw) 3-4 lbs

- bag of 5 avocados

- bag of 6 rainbow peppers

- organic eggs (24 pack)

- veggies ... bag of brussels sprouts, organic spinach, etc

- tub of organic coconut oil


those are the staples and i'll mix and match some other stuff on various visits depending on what's in stock

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Does anyone know if BJ's has the same things?


I'm a BJ's member, and I get my tub of coconut oil there, as well as a huge bottle of Bertucci light olive oil for making homemade mayo. I will sometimes get grass fed ground beef there as well.

The produce looks great, but it comes in such large bags and there's only two of us in my household, it doesn't make sense for me to buy produce in bulk. 

Haven't checked out the poultry. For the same type of eggs I can get cheaper at my local grocery store.

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tulipgirl unfortunately even if a fellow board member found a compliant smoked salmon at their local Costco, it wouldn't necessarily mean that same item would be available at your local Costco, or even if it was that it'd have the same ingredient list.

It's one of those "see for yourself" kind of things. Like we see in the recent thread about Thai Kitchen curry paste.

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The only compliant smoked salmon I have found is in foil packs at my grocery store near the canned tuna.  And it's not nearly as tasty as the stuff in the refrigerated section.  (But I haven't spent a whole lot of time searching for it). 

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Some of my CostCo staples:


Organic ground beef

Ground bison

Lamb loin chops

Lean cuts of beef (for some reason, grass-fed is rarely available in my local store)

Frozen wild salmon

Organic chicken


Avocado oil

Coconut oil

Canned wild pink salmon (essential for salmon cakes)

Canned sardines

Mac nuts


Sea salt


I rarely buy fruits and veggies since the packages are usually too large for one person.

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Kerrygold butter

coconut oil

avocado oil

raw almonds and pecans

Compliant, ready to eat sausages

La Croix seltzer

Kombucha 6-pack (may be a seasonal thing)



Sweet potatoes (also seasonal)

Dates, on occasion

Broccoli and cauliflower


Cubed butternut squash


Frozen shrimp

Various other frozen fish filets

Canned diced tomatoes

Tomato paste

Whole artichokes in water (not the marinated. Those have canola)

Mateo's brand salsa

Balsamic vinegar

Canned tuna

canned salmon

We bought frozen burger patties once, but I don't recommend them. We don't mind fatty meat, but these were greasy and flavorless. We can get better stuff at Sprouts.

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Has anyone tried the MOREY's brand, vacuum sealed MARINATED WILD SALMON. I love this stuff!!! and all the ingredients seem compliant (they do list olive oil and canola oil-- which I know we should avoid as much as possible). Highly, highly recommend it.

Hi Noorani,

Unfortunately canola oil is not compliant for much beyond a restaurant meal where there is nothing else available. It wouldn't be appropriate to purchase products for home use that have this as an ingredient.

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Wilson organic hard boiled eggs, come packaged in 2 and prepeeled. I nearly threw a tantrum when they were missing from our costco during our pre whole 30 stock up. Let me tell you, peeling eggs for 4 sucks.

I buy these too! It seemed silly to me at first, but the eggs I get locally are too fresh and are a nightmare to peel! I still buy them, but I eat them in other ways. On busy mornings, I usually just grab a 2 pack of HB eggs, some fruit, and I have breakfast on the go.

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With hard boiled eggs--I discovered that steaming them works best and I can peel fresh eggs! I steam them in a steamer basket over about an inch of boiling water. I load up the steamer, clap the lid on and let it steam for 9 minutes. I put them in cold water and then into the fridge they go. The white is fully cooked and the yolk is still a bit soft. if you want them more well done, cook for 10 minutes. Soft boiled--really yummy at 6 minutes, 30 seconds. 

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I did my Costco run today, and came home disappointed. My Costco has discontinued the Kirkland Marinara Sauce. :o


I found a (nearly) suitable substitute that is W30 compliant. I wrote to Costco to express my disappointment and I got a speedy reply that my comments would be forwarded to the appropriate person.

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