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Belinda's Whole30 - Start 05 Jan 2015


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Hi, my name is Belinda and I am 32 years old. This in my first attempt at Whole30, and today is Day 1!!


I decided to give whole30 a go mainly because I am unhappy with my health, my body and my weight.


For the last three years, I have been an avid crossfitter and have dabbled in a paleo diet. On occassions, I was very dedicated to my diet and I saw and felt great results. Lately, I have fallen off the wagon... badly! I justify my poor food choices by saying "I train hard, I can have this just this once". But in hindsight, this was self sabbotage and despite a regular and intense training regime, I find I am the heaviest i have ever been! *sigh*


I needed a program to make me accountable for my food choices.


So here I am... Day 1! Start weight = 87.5kg!! :(


 - Before photos have been taken

 - Meals planned

 - Shopping done

 - Emails - subscribed

 - Meals prepped


I have even conivinced two friends, Chloe and Lil, to do the Whole30 program with me. We all train together and have similar goals, so hopefully we can help each other through the tough times.


My goals are:

 - to just be honest with myself in terms of my diet and maintain a food journal; and 

 - complete the Whole30 and get my health, body and confidence back to where I know it can be.


I intend on using this forum to log my meals and my progress. So happy for any hints, tips or advice from people who have ridden this roller coaster before.


:wub:  :wub:  Belinda



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Best of luck to you Kayt!


I have one meal to go today, but I figured I'd update my Day 1 progress.




Started poorly as I could hardly sleep last night. I was feeling anxious in general. But I woke feeling like I had already failed the day before it had even started. But, I decided to persevere with my plan to do the Whole30.


0510hrs - PreWO: Ground chicken w/ avocado and an egg yolk


0630hrs - PostWO: canned tuna, egg white and 75g sweet potato

(the postWO went well, but my preWO choice needs work. Maybe just a boiled egg next time?)


THEN.... work happened!! Meeting after, after meeting, after meeting. During which time I managed to have 2 black coffees to keep me awake.


1235hrs - Breakfast (or lunch  :unsure: ): ground chicken mince, stir-fry veg and over roasted brussel sprouts. (it was at this point I was THANKFUL I had my meals prepared!)


1700hrs - Lunch ( :wacko:  :wacko:  :wacko: ): Salmon and vegetable fritatta w/ oven roasted brussel sprouts.


So, with one meal to go, I'm pretty confident I've survived my first day. Dinner will be chicken tenderloins with broccoli, cashews and homemade mango chutney. I hope the days get easier from here  :D


Definitely an early night tonight!! Hopefully sleep will come.

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Woke up feeling flat but forced myself to have my preWO meal before heading to the gym. Unfortunately, I think i let myself become dehydrated during my workout. It's Summer here in Australia and I live in the Tropics! and it was hot hot HOT this morning!. Therefore, I couldn't stomach my PostWO meal and in fact, the thought of eating something made me physically ill.


Still, I stuck to the program. Thank goodness I have Chloe to support me (my gym buddie and fellow Whole30 Newbie)!! She touches base often and reminds me that we are in this together!!  :wub:


0505hrs - PreWO: Ground chicken w/ avocado and an egg yolk

(Definitely going to research other preWO option... tomorrow I'll try a whole egg)


No PostWO meal :wacko:


1130hrs - Breakfast: ground chicken mince, stir-fry veg, sweet potato and walnuts


1530hrs - Lunch: Salmon and vegetable fritatta w/ an apple


2000hrs - Dinner: Chicken, broccoli w/ cashews and homemade mango chutney (Made by my friend Lil who is doing the Whole30... It's amazing!)


So Day 2 is in the bag! Tomorrow's meals are ready. 28 days to go!  :D

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Ok... I'm struggling and it's only day 3!!!


I'm struggling because I'm soooo very tired! I don't know whether it's whole30 related, but it's making me irritable and I'm considering the comforts that are afforded by chocolate, sweets and milky-coffee!! My food choices at the moment are not tasty and I find myself not wanting to eat at all. Not to mention my trusty boy friend's completely contradictory diet: Day 1 - pizza; Day 2 - Subway. Add all this together and I'm stuggling! -_- 


I couldn't hit the gym this morning, needed to prioritise sleep.


But still, meals have been planned whilst I am at work, there is no chance of snacking of comfort food.


1000hrs - Breakfast: ground chicken mince, stir-fry veg, and walnuts; + black coffee


Hopefully my mood lifts and I have the energy to hit the gym this afternoon.

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DAY 3 ... (continued)


1700hrs - Lunch (Soooo late!): Salmon and vegetable fritatta


2000hrs - Dinner: chicken, coleslaw (mixed with mango chutney) in a lettuce leaf wrap (x4)


I didn't end up hitting the gym today as I had a last minute change of plans and had to pick my partner up from work instead. Not such a bad thing, as I think I needed the rest. I also think I need eat my meals earlier. But I've been getting so caught up at work. however eating them earlier and not having big periods between meals will help my energy levels. 


Day 3 in the bag... thank goodness!! I hope Day 4 is kinder. I will shoot for an early night, decent sleep, and see how things go.

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Thanks Stealthstitcher, I'm hanging in at the moment. Hoping things get easier.


Day 4


Woke with a bit more energy today. Managed to make it to the gym and not die!! My pre-WO egg was a lot more palatable then early morning chicken, so I'll stick with that for a bit. But i stuffed up the postWO whilst trying to experiment with something more tolerable after a workout. So I created a fat+carb meal, instead of a protein+carb meal. Oh well... it's still all in accordance with the Whole30 plan.


Stupid work got in the way of regular meals AGAIN today. Gotta stop agreeing to these early morning meetings that go for EVER!


A small win... I do feel reasonably better today. Energy levels are a bit higher, although everything still tastes like cardboard. I don't know why my palate is suddenly being so stubborn.  


My second win today is my partner is having the same meal as me tonight (kind of... he's having rice and other snacks) and he will also be cooking the protein. YAY!!  :wub: It's easier when he's not eating a kebab in front of me while I try to stomach broccoli (or pizza, or subway as he has done so the three previous nights)



0450hrs - PreWO: hard boiled egg


0700hrs - PostWO: 1/2 banana + coconut milk smoothie (whoops!).... so added a tin of tuna on the side to make up the protein requirement. 


1150hrs - Breakfast (finally!): Chicken mince with curried veg + walnuts


1500hrs - Lunch: Salmon and homemade fritatta


And very soon... Dinner: BBQ steak with oven roasted vine tomatoes and garlic, over steamed brocolli. Yum! (well, not the broccoli  :wacko:)


Day 4 done and dusted!!

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Day 5


No gym this morning. So got a little extra sleep. I'm still going to be super late, so I'm only averaging 6hrs a night. So this post will be short as I will be heading to bed directly after.


On the topic of sleep, I had a dream last night that I was given a tall latte and without thinking started drinking it. Half way through, I realized I'd blown my Whole30 and in my dream, I was overwhelmed with regret and disappointment.... But it was just a dream  :)


Feeling a lot better today. I think my body is getting used to the foods. 


I had one little episode at work where I just wanted to numb the feeling of anger and disappointed with a delicious piece of dark chocolate... But I message Chloe and Lil and they got me through... The craving passed! Still on the wagon.


1100hrs - Very late breakfast: Chicken mince with curried veg + walnuts


1400hrs - Lunch: Tuna and homemade fritatta


1700hrs - PreWO: Boiled egg


1900hrs - PostWO: 1/2 frozen banana, coco water, 2x egg white, blended into a smoothie.


2100hrs - Late Dinner: BBQ lamb tenderloins with oven roasted vine tomatoes and garlic, over steamed broccoli.


Day 5 done and dusted!! 1/6th of the way through!  B)

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Today, I feel normal. Not bad, not great... just normal. But my energy levels and general feeling has been on the incline for the last three days. 


I had a reasonable sleep in, but still woke tired. Apparently this is still normal? I figure I don't get enough sleep during the week, so it all catches up with me on the weekend. (very tired now as I write this)


Being Saturday, the gym opening times are different so I went at 9am. My postWO concoction of eggwhites and bannana really hit the spot. I think this is what I'll stick with. Chloe tells me  can buy just plain egg whites at the supermarket which are Whole30 acceptable. I'll check that out tomorrow when I do a little more planning and prep.


Immediately following the gym, everyone wanted to go to a local cafe for breakfast and coffee. I joined in (as I usually do), but stuck with my black coffee while others ate. My postWO smoothie left me feeling pretty good  :D But I got home late which meant my actual breakfast was very late also.


Went to the Birthday BBQ today. I brought a huge plate of vegetable skewers, and Chloe made Chicken Skewers. Because the whole thing was at Chloe's house, we had some control over the food, so we both stuck to the plan and didn't succumb to temptation. EVEN at cake time... OMG!! 


I excused myself early though, as I didn't want to be there late, hungry, with no back-up plan.


0830hrs - PreWO: Hard boiled egg


0945hrs - PostWO: smoothie (1/2 Banana, 2 egg whites, coco water)


1200hrs - Breakfast: Chicken mince with curried vegetables and oven roasted brussel sprouts.


1700hrs - Lunch: The BBQ - 3 x chicken/paprika skewers, 2 x vegetable skewers, fennel/spinach/pine nut salad, baked potatoe slices


2000hrs - Dinner: scrambled eggs (2 eggs) with chives (skipped the carbs... felt like I'd had enough. 


And that's Day 6 done... 1/5th of the way through!

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One week down! Today I found myself preparing nutritious meals when I was hungry, rather than reaching for what was convenient (even when my boyfriend decided that he wanted to stop by Subway for lunch). I like this new change in habit.


I'm on track with my goals (logging food daily and completing the Whole30), and I'm sticking to the plan as far as I can see: no snacks, no cheats, no slip ups.


I spent a good 30 minutes this morning on developing my week 2 plan... I found it a lot easier than last week because I have an idea of what works following some experiments in week one.


No gym today... rest day    B)


1030hrs - Breakfast: garlic and chili  veg stir-fry and 2 egg scramble


1430hrs - Lunch: Tuna with capsicum, zucchini and red onion salad (w/ a serve of cashews)


(Whilst doing my meal prep, I sampled a small muffin sized fritatta... wrong I know, but I needed to know if I used too much dill and whether they were edible. Yes; too much dill, but still edible)


2000hrs - Dinner: Lamb with steamed broccoli. 


Day 7 done and week one in the bag.

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And I though today was going to be easy... I was wrong. Today felt like a mess, and I felt like I had completely lost control.


Due to some urgent work commitments, I had to be at work by 530am. So I had roughly 5 hours sleep  :wacko: I packed my meals for work, but realized later that I left the protein component for lunch at home. 


Enter the "snowball effect": I was stressed about work, I was stressed about time frames, I was worried I'd get hungry and blow my Whole30... And I just though "screw it! It's all too hard!!". I felt like driving to the nearest kebab store and getting some delicious, greasy, goodness.


I ended up rummaging through other people's desks and I found a tin of tuna in olive oil (unfortunately, I also contained sunflour oil, but better than nothing). 


I realized today, that not only am I an emotional eater, I'm a stress eater too  :mellow: Something I'll need to keep in check.


0930hrs - Breakfast: Chicken mince and curried veg with nuts


1400hrs - Lunch: Fritatta w/ tin tuna in olive oil (plus sunflower oil)


1800hrs - PreWO: hard boiled egg


1930hrs - PostWO: smoothie (1/2 banana, 2 egg whites, 1/2 cup coco water)


2030hrs - Dinner: 2 x lamb tenderloins w/ broccoli. 


Tomorrow WILL be a better day... Day 8 over  :blink:  :blink:  :blink:

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Today started well... Still not getting enough sleep though - 6 hours this time which is more than usual. I hit the gym, it felt good. Went to work, didn't stress out. Played some netball in the evening, and then had a reasonably early dinner. 


I've decided to have a break from the gym tomorrow morning, as I really need to start sleeping more.


0500hrs - PreWO: Boilled egg


0645hrs - PostWO: Smoothie (see recipe above)


1030hrs - Breakfast: Chicken mince, curried veg, oven roasted brussel sprouts


1500hrs - Lunch: Salmon and veg fritatta


1730hrs - PreWO (netball): Boiled egg


2000hrs - Dinner: 3 x chicken tenderloins, broccoli, roasted toms, w/ avocado


Almost 1/3 through!!!


(Also, bought some pork belly today... gonna give homemade bacon a crack!)

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DAY 10


Sleep deprived!!


I had such a restless nights sleep, I feel like I haven't slept at all! I went to bed earlier than normal, but was kept awake with cramps. Despite the fact I gave myself a break from the early morning gym session, I was still awake from about 4am onward. What is wrong with me?


Also, I couldn't finish my breakfast due to back to back meetings. I ended up ditching most of it, because it was so late, I just decided to have lunch instead. 


In addition to that, I'm now suffering from stomach cramps. The started immediately after my PostWO smoothie, which I had in the afternoon.


*sigh* I hope this cramp business lets up  :(


0930hrs - Breakfast: 1/2 serving of my usual brekky, chicken mince, curried veg and oven baked brussel sprouts


1430hrs - Lunch: Salmon and veg fritatta


1700hrs - PreWO:hard boiled egg


1830hrs - PostWO: banana, egg white and coco water smoothie


Dinner is yet to come, but chicken tenderloins, broccoli, roasted toms, w/ avocado are on the cards again.


1/3 of the way though!!! Keep going, keep going... :wacko: 

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DAY 11


About 6hrs sleep last night... I went to bed late, but I slept reasonably well until about 2am. Then up early again for the gym. The gym session this morning was intense!! 40 mins of intense training, and I think it was the reason why i was famished ALL day!


So today, I needed to implement some strategies to identify whether I was "hungry", or whether my mind was just trying to trick me. The afternoon was particularly bad, so I made a pot of herbal tea... which really helped and got me through until dinner time.


All my meals were much earlier today... the time resembles when normal people eat  :D Cramps were only a problem in the morning after the gym.


0500hrs - PreWO: Hard boiled egg


0630hrs - PostWO: Post workout smoothie


0930hrs - Breakfast: Chicken mince w/ curried veg and nuts


1300hrs - Lunch: Frittata w/ Salmon


1900hrs - Dinner: Chicken, broccoli, oven roasted tomatoes w/ cashews


I had extra chicken and nuts with dinner, because despite all my efforts, my body craved something more. I'm putting this down to the big gm session, and am confident that my body needed it.


End of Day 11

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DAY 12


I was hungry all day today... I think my training is starting to catch up with me. It has been a big week at the gym, and my friend Chloe said she's been experiencing the same hungry sensation too (we keep the same training schedule).


No gym in the morning, because of an early start at work. Also, I feel like I slept better, but still only had about 6 hours. 


My big achievement today was resisting afternoon tea... delicious paleo, raw cakes!! I knew it was coming. I planned ahead and decided that I would take a slice, and put it away in the freezer for after the whole30. I explained why, and my colleagues were impressed with my will power! I'm happy with how the strategy worked, I didn't even feel like I was missing out. 


0830hrs - Breakfast: Chicken mince w/ curried veg and nuts


1400hrs - Lunch: Salmon w/ veg fritatta


1600hrs - PreWO: Chicken tenderloin w/ avocado (but unfortunately, I was delayed in getting to the gym... so this meal was pretty pointless)


1830hrs - PostWO: smoothie


2100hrs - Dinner: Steak and roasted veg (caps, zucchini, toms + red onion)


The half way mark is creeping closer and closer. And now to enjoy the weekend!

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DAY 13


So last night, I was extremely tired and my partner and I ended up having our evening meal very late. I told myself I would log my meals and thoughts the next day. But now I realize that logging my meals every day was one of my goals :o ... So I vow not to skip a day again  :rolleyes:




I had a big workout in the morning, and went out for breakfast with some gym goers afterwards. I ordered from the menu but had also brough some leftover veg from home (still not bold enough to trust whats on the menu). However after this and I was famished all day long! I think it's the workouts because Chloe says she feels exactly the same.


0800hrs - PreWO: Hard boiled egg


1010hrs - PostWO: Smoothie


1045hrs - Breakfast: 2 x poached eggs, wilted spinach, left over roasted zucchini


1500hrs - Lunch: Chicken, lettuce and asparagus salad. 


2100hrs: Dinner: Home made nachos (beef mince mix w/ parsnip and sweet potato chips and home made guacamole)

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DAY 14


Today was meant to be food prep day, but I have plenty of meals made up in the freezer so I think that will be OK. I do need to make up another fritatta, but that can be a tomorrow job (No cauliflower this time!!). I am getting more and more confident with cooking meals that are whole30 compliant, so I know I can prepare something from what I have on hand if I need to.


However, today I struggled with hunger demons all day. I did graze around lunch on cashew nuts... but then I felt bad. Probably not enough water today  :huh:


On the plus side, my stomach only felt crampy in the morning... It sorted itself out later in the day.


Breakfast - 1030hrs: 2 x poached eggs, roasted tomato, mushrooms and red onion


Lunch - 1600hrs: 3 x cupcake sized salmon + asparagus fritattas, 1 x apple, handful of cashews


Dinner - 2030hrs: Beef coconut curry, w/ broccoli, mushrooms and cashews


YAY!! Tomorrow is HALF WAY!!

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DAY 15


I struggled with being hungry all day today. When I feel hungry, I just start drinking water to try and abate the sensation... but no. Still hungry. And lethargic. When I went got to the gym this afternoon, I just couldn't perform. I felt heavy and sluggish.



0900hrs - Breakfast: Chicken and curried veg w/ nuts


1300hrs - Lunch: 2 x mini fritattas, stir fry veg and 1/2 apple


1730hrs - PreWO: Hard boiled egg


1930hrs - PostWO: Smoothie


2100hrs - Dinner: spicy mince turkey w/ spinach, cucumber and guacamole


So... half way... would've thought it felt better  :(

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DAY 16


I read an article today which shed a lot of light on this process. Basically, I needed to be reminded of the "rules" and "recommendations". So, in light of this article, I increased all my protein portions and meals in general. I've even added extra banana to my post workout shake. Overall today, I felt better. Still really struggling at the gym with energy, but hanging in there. 


No pre-workout this morning because I forgot to make eggs.


0630hrs - PostWO: Smoothie (1/2 cup of egg whites, 1 banana, coco water)


2130hrs - Breakfast: Chicken mince with curried veg, w/ nuts


1400hrs - Lunch: Nacho mince w/ spinach and cucumber plus an apple


1800hrs - PreNetball: Hard boiled egg


2030hrs - Dinner: Nacho mince w/ brocolli and cucumber and cashews

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DAY 17


Getting closer to the end now. Today was a better day. After my big dinner last night, I felt like I had better energy levels. Even performed OK at the gym. So I'm happy with my choice in increase my portion size... no point in doing this process if i'm just going to blow-out at the end.


No gym this morning, as I was up very late making snacks for afternoon tea at work. I realized it's difficult to bake when you cant taste the product. Fortunately they turned out OK and I didn't ruin my Whole30 for the sake of a taste test.


0930hrs - Breakfast: 2 x mini fritatta encased in salmon, stir-fry veg


1400hrs - Lunch: Salmon and Fritatta w/ kiwi fruit


1700hrs - PreWO: Hard boiled egg


1830hrs - PostWO: Smoothie w/ egg white and whole banana


2100hrs - Dinner: Chicken breast, hard boiled egg, broccoli, oven roasted tomatoes and cashews

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DAY 18


Had an awful nights sleep last night, just restless and stressed :angry: . As a result, I think I only achieved about 4 solid hours of sleep. So no morning gym session. I don't understand why I find it difficult to sleep. But 5-6 hours is a regular average for me during a work week.


0945hrs - Breakfast: 2 x mini salmon and asparagus fritatta and stir-fry vegetables


1445hrs - Lunch: salmon and fritatta


1700hrs - PreWO: Hard boiled egg


1830hrs - PostWO: Egg white, banana and coco water smoothie


2045hrs - Dinner: Steak w/ spinach and oven roasted tomatoes and mushrooms.


Day 18 done... almost into single digit count down!

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DAY 19


Pretty busy at work today, so didn't have a lot of time to think about being hungry until I got home. I had my breakfast and lunch meals a lit earlier today because I knew  was going to be busy and had only small windows to eat. Trained in the morning and energy levels felt ok. 


0500hrs - PreWO: hard boilled egg


0630hrs - PostWO: Smoothie


0830hrs - Breakfast: Chicken mince w/ stir-fry veg and cashews


1230hrs - Lunch: Salmon w/ fritatta (this meal was on the small size, should've added a fruit portion)


1800hrs - Snack  :o : Was starving so had a handful of cashews


2030hrs - Dinner: Homemade broccoli, leek and potato soup w/ coconut milk and chicken

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DAY 20!!!


Only 10 days to go!!


Unfortunately my friend Lil fell off the Whole30 wagon today. She was in a situation where she had no Whole30 food with her and went without eating all day. In the end, she had to eat SOMETHING!! I don't feel like she's failed, and this is her second attempts at Whole30, so she already has the discipline needed to properly fuel her body (unlike myself)


Tomorrow is Sunday and I'm going to do food prep (even though I have enough for a few more days). I learned last week that it's just too hard to do food prep during the week... I just end up going to bed too late.


0830hrs - PreWO: Hard boiled egg


1000hrs - PostWO: Egg white/coco water/banana smoothie


1130hrs - Breakfast: Chicken Mince w/ stir-fry veg


1500hrs - Lunch: Left over broccoli soup w/ chicken and a nectarine


1800hrs - Snack: Cashews and coffee w/ coconut milk


2030hrs - Dinner: Left over broccoli soup w/ chicken and additional steamed vegetables

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