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Starting Friday Jan. 9th


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Hi, My name is BarbaraJo and I am planning on starting on my first ever Whole 30 this Friday Jan 9th. I need a few days to clean out out our fridge from the holiday season. I am married to my wonderful husband of 13 years, Bruce and we have no children. We do have 2 fur kitties, Holly our 13 year old Maine Coon and Murphy our 1 year old Tortie.

 I am looking forward to a fresh start as 2014 was a rough year for me. I slipped on the ice in Feb and tore my ham string tendon off my bone which meant I needed surgery to re-attach it. I was non-weight bearing for 3 months beginning the day of my injury and was in PT for 7 months and out of work for 4 months. Consequently I gained back most of the weight I had lost after being diagnosed in 2013 with a gluten, casein, whey and egg white allergy/intolerance, (I am non-celiac by biopsy). My husband and I love the outdoors and recreate by canoeing, hiking and exploring  non of which I was able to even attempt to begin again until October. 

 I am joining a weight loss study through UCONN and can choose my food life style change of choice to embark on. Since I have been GF/DF for over a year now I feel doing Whole30 is the best one out there for me. I am a former Atkins life style person but fell off that wagon years ago and gained back all I had lost by eating the carbs and sugars again. Then when I learned of my newly developed food intolerances I went grain free again and lost weight. Then by starting to eat store bought "GF foods" I started to gain some back. Breakfasts are a special challenge for me since I cannot have eggs or dairy so I started resorting to GF store bought foods. I have recently tended towards Paleo because it most closely fits my dietary restrictions now. I rely on Coconut Milk and products and Almond Milk and Almond Flour now.

 My husband is supportive as long a this Whole30 does not cost us a lot of money as our budget is tight. We grow our own veggies in the growing season (I live in north eastern CT) and shop local, humanely raised, organic. We are members of our local food co-op and our town's farmer's market, Coventry Regional Farmer's Market, was voted best in New England the last 2 years so I have a good source of good food. So we already are eating this way to some extent. 

 BUT all that being said I am confessing that "My name is BarbaraJo and I am a sugar-oholic." That is my downfall and my go to food for comfort and stress relief. That was my downfall whenever I went off the wagon doing Atkins and has been my downfall even now as I live on buying GF sweet treats from my local GF bakery. I need to get off sugar and heal my gut and maybe my Roscea, too. I am hoping Whole30 will help me do that. My husband does not have the issues with sweet treats that I do so if I didn't buy it we wouldn't have it in the house. He is always trying to help me by reminding me that it is not healthy for me and I will un-do all the great work I have done losing weight. But I just buy the treats when he isn't around. So I will commit to de-toxing and re-learning again with the Whole30 and at the same time try to come to terms with needing to be GF instead of "cheating for a few days" and then popping some Immodium to get the results of eating gluten or some dairy in the form of cheese or ice cream under control again. 

Thanks for listening. BarbaraJo

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