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Ashley's 2nd Attempt for Whole30 Health Success!


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I had planned to start my Whole30 today, but for "practice," I ate completely Whole30 yesterday as well. Does that mean I'm technically in day two?


Yesterday I was traveling (I had a long 9 hour drive after a ski vacation with the family). I ate a banana and black coffee for breakfast, a chicken "sandwich" with no bun (just chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomato) for lunch with a fruit salad side, some cashews in the car to snack on, and a piece of salmon with veggies cookies in coconut oil for dinner, paired with some green tea.


Today I woke up feeling sleepy, but it was a busy vacation and was a long travel day yesterday ... I am excited about another Whole30 day though. I like the challenge so far!


I think I over did it for breakfast already though, I'm completely STUFFED. I prepared a bunch of food when I got home last night, so I just ate two hard boiled eggs, two slices of sweet potato, 3 slices of bacon, and 4 sliced strawberries. With a glass of green tea ... and my bottle of lemon water is sitting here too. I'm too full to drink any of these liquids though! Food coma already?!?! Not a good start!!! But maybe I'll make it all the way to lunch without snacking. That would be an improvement! I usually have chocolate chip cookies or trailmix with M&M's with my breakfast, so this is indeed an improvement already :)

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I would count today as day 2, but the chances of the bacon  you had with your chicken yesterday being cured without sugar is probably zero. Compliant bacon is rare and you should never assume bacon you get in a restaurant is compliant. Even so, I would count the day, just avoid bacon from now on. 


I bet you will adjust to the amount you are eating within a few days. Your day 2 breakfast actually sounds like an appropriate size for an adult. If you are not used to eating a real breakfast, it may take a while to adjust. 

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