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Link b/t Red Meat Consumption & Increased Cancer Risk?


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I debated posting this on here, as it may just be hype, but I keep seeing it mentioned and thought it may be worth getting some input from the Whole30 community.   ;)


What're your thoughts?







Also, mods, if this should be in another section on the forum, please feel free to move it.   :)

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I have seen the article, if its the one I'm thinking of, and paleo mom did a great rebuttal of the original scientific paper, pointing out that all correlation between cancer and red meat disappears when you account for vege consumption. I.e., red meat increases your risk of cancer, in the context of a grain-heavy sad diet.

Im on my phone so can't link the rebuttal, but you can Google it.

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I read a lot of scientific articles, so please excuse me if this gets too geeky :)


Most important part is that this is a mouse study. They bred some mice so when they fed them, they'd get sick, then they fed them and they got sick (this kind of study always has the potential to rig the outcome, even with good intentions).


This other article has quite a different take from that one, on the same study



And the study doesn’t indicate that eating red meat is the direct cause of cancer. Rather, Neu5Gc appears to accelerate the development of cancer.
There are still plenty of questions to answer in regard to red meat’s link to cancer in humans. Why does Neu5Gc cause liver cancers in mice and colon cancer in humans? What other dietary and biological factors contribute to cancer progression in humans?


This substance is also in dairy products and even in whey protein powders.


There's also an article from Chris Kresser (he goes pretty deep on the science) about the weakness in the assumptions regarding chronic inflammation (Maasai tribes ate diets very high in this substance, no inflammation - which triggers far more questions than we have answers for)



One thing that also annoys me immensely with most food studies is the food quality issue. There's rarely any distinction in studies between grass-fed, organic meat, vs pesticide-laden soy-fed, feed-lot meat. These are fairly large factors known to alter the nutritional contents of food, and the human body's reaction, yet are rarely included in study parameters.


If anyone finds the link to the Paleomom rebuttal, I'd love to read it.

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