What's a newbie Whole 30 commuter to do?


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Good Morning!


I'm sure many like me are beginning their first or a follow-up Whole 30 today (good luck!). I have a unique situation that I could use some advice and support for. I work in Manhattan and have anywhere from a 60 - 90 minute commute home in the evenings. Factoring in my workouts (I'm fortunate that my Equinox is only a block from my office, so I exercise immediately after work), I'm not arriving back home for dinner until at least 8:30 PM. I know post-workout snacks are allowed and encouraged, but I just need lots of ideas of what to pack ahead and whats worked well for others in a similar situation. I'll be having egg dishes for breakfast and egg whites on salad for lunch, so I do not want to rely on another egg dish. I always food shop at Trader Joe's, so I picked up the Omega Trail Mix snack packs - but is that enough? I am, truthfully, a very healthy eater and diligent about exercising, but when I get in so late, i overeat on healthy food because i'm so hungry and therefore in desperate need of post-workout snack ideas to make sure I'm successful with Whole30.  


This is my first Whole 30. I'm anxious and excited at the same time. I have obsessed over my weight and my figure since I was middle school. I compare how I look to others constantly and it doesn't help that I have a real difficult time at losing weight. I've seen nutritionists, I run marathons, take indoor cycling and barre workouts - whatever I think is the 'right' thing. However, my weight never changes and I'm frustrated. I love to cook, which is why I chose Whole 30. I also realize I have to get a grip and begin a healthier mental relationship with food and my self image. 


Thank you so much for the help and ideas! 



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Hi There.


A couple of questions here for you.  Why only egg whites?  The yolk is not bad for you.  The lowly egg is best consumed (and better for you) if you eat it whole.  Please also note that if you are eating eggs as your soul source of protein for a meal, you should eat them number of eggs you can hold comfortably in one hand.  For most women that is 3 - 4 eggs.


Please, please, please do not feel that you need to eat only eggs for breakfast. Many people eat dinner left overs, soup, egg muffins etc.  Do not feel that you are limited to eggs only for breakfast.  This means you are going to get tired of eggs pretty quickly.


You should focus on getting a pre work out meal - (protein and fat) so some ideas might be - canned tuna in olive oil, boiled egg, proscuito, olives, grilled chicken thighs and handful of nuts.  (please keep in mind that nuts are not an ideal fat source.  They cause bloating and distress for many)


Post work out meal - lean protein and starchy veg. Think : grilled chicken breast and cooked sweet potato cubes.


Please try to relax and follow the meal template http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf

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What Carla said.


And you will have so much fun with this if you love to cook! Definitely check out nomnompaleo.com and theclothesmakethegirl.com and their respective cookbooks. Game changers.


Also, just to get you started, Michelle Tam wrote a post about packed lunched you might find helpful and inspiring. Check it out: http://nomnompaleo.com/post/107087299363/january-whole30-day-4-paleo-packed-lunches


Another thought: do you actually NEED to lose weight? Remember W30 isn't primarily a weight loss plan. It has taken me a looooong time (nearly two years) to figure out my W9 weight loss sweet spot, and it's been totally worth it. Because what did start changing immediately was this: "a healthier mental relationship with food and my self image."

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Thanks for the feedback. I am not planning on having eggs as my only protein source. I started today with a a veggie egg muffin and grapefruit for example. It was just what I planned out for breakfasts this week and I know I can switch it up. I love chicken and fish and red meat sources so that is not the issue. I just read on one of the Whole 30 docs on this website about having whole eggs as a post-workout meal and that will be too much.


 But I do like the idea of essentially packing two lunches; one for traditional lunch time and a second for pre-workout. I want and need to lose weight for a couple of reasons, most importantly because I'm in a high-risk category for some diseases where I have family of and being overweight is also a risk factor. I consulted with my doctor about my concerns and inability to lose weight considering my activity level and she suggested Whole 30. 

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Might I also suggest possibly investing in an Instapot? It's an electric pressure cooker, and it has saved my life. Whole chicken cooked in 25min. Bone broth in under an hour. Seven whole sweet potatoes in 22min. As a commuter, you would be able to save yourself a lot of weekend or evening time by batch cooking things quickly.

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Hi Nomore3x5


I think you misunderstood me with my query.  I meant if you are to have eggs as your soul protein source for one meal - they should be the number of eggs you can hold in 1 hand.  So if you are have veggie egg muffins and it's approximately 1 egg per muffin - then you should have 3 egg muffins. I know that sounds like a lot but it really isn't.  It is whole nutrient dense foods with no fillers (no bread, cereal or grains)


Personally if I eat eggs as my soul protein (3 egg scramble with spinach and sweet potato) I am hungrier earlier. I can't eat 4 (I'm literally stuffed with 3)


Eggs are actually not the ideal post work out snack.  They are better for pre work out as they have higher fat content than lets say chicken breast.  The key is to go higher fat before your workout and as low fat as you can go post workout.  


Sometimes I do worry about eating too much of one singular protein throughout the day - some days I am less prepared than others.  But I don't really stress about it - we all have off days and just have to work with what we've got.  It's not ideal, but it's what's available.  Do not let perfection be your enemy.

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