Whole30 Till The Start of My Sweet 30's


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I'm 29 (almost 30 :) ) years old Bulgarian planing lots of changes during 2015. In a month I'm starting my own business, at the end of the year maybe expansion of the family :) aaand finally to get rid of these 13 kilos that I gained after I quit smoking almost 4 years ago.

Of course it sin not only about how I look (it's not that bad actually) but I feel this is not my body anymore and now I have some bad habits like eating sweet and dough food that I did not have before. I also have really low energy levels so I feel exhausted and demotivated doing anything at all all the time.

In the  last few months I also have severe back pain (which is the main reason I'm starting this program) and swollen abdomen almost constantly (even if I'm not eating much or at all).

Soo. I stumbled upon this program and red it and it got me instantly because it was written and explained the same way as the book that has helped me quit smoking years ago.

So here I am, starting tomorrow.

I hope to change my food habits for good as I succeeded changing my worst habit. I also hope to get my energy back and to start doing some sports лике folk dances and maybe some fitness.

I also hope to give some good example to my boyfriend and motivate him to do the same but...one step after another.


Wish me luck! 

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