Low energy and migraines in round 2

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Hi there Whole 30 family,

I'm wondering if anyone has any feedback for me. I did my first Whole 30 in July and it was amazing. I lost 12 pounds and had a lot of energy all day. I was so committed to it, that when I went to Colorado for a work conference I ordered a week's worth of Premade Paleo meals and had them shipped there so I could stay compliant, and I did. However, I did get altitude sickness while I was there and experienced my first migraine (towards the end of the Whole 30 like days 30, 31).

Immediately after my Whole 30 I went to my mother's house for 10 days and fell utterly and completely off the wagon, and really paid the price. I felt horrible in every way. No energy, IBS symptoms back in force and actually I felt a little depressed, too. Enough so I committed myself to doing another Whole 30 as soon as I got home. I started it on August 13th so I am 10 days into this second round.

My issue is that I haven't experienced any of the energy boost I did the first time (which I experienced on day 2 the first time - great incentive). I've had on and off bouts of dizziness and migraines, maybe three since I started again. And I feel tired a lot. I guess I can see the results varying from one Whole 30 to another. My bigger question is, could this be related to the Whole 30 and diet? I half wonder if something else is going on and the altitude sickness I had in Colorado was the beginning of some other issue related to my migraines, since the dizziness/headaches and tiredness I'm experiencing feels similar to the altitude sickness I had in Colorado, just less severe.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi Amy!

There are a lot of factors that could be at play here, so my best advice to you is to pay attention to your meals (make sure they're compliant and in the right balance), sleep/rest as well as you can and be patient. You may still be dealing with some physical aftermath from your in-between time, you may have caught some bug that was going around, or you may have something else altogether going on. If you feel like the symptoms warrant more investigation, of course see your doctor, but otherwise just be patient and see how things feel in another week or so.

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