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Hello all,

Scott here. I have not even gotten to the...well whatever happens after this. Why am I here? Three main agendas.

Recently  mentioned to someone how I was going to drop some weight and they said, "that's funny because your so thin." Well despite that I am up twenty pounds in the last 2-3 years. This brings us to point two.


I just went through a rather new and major knee surgery for a cartilage replacement. That's not possible you say? Well it is about to be. I am three months into recovery and in my opinion the swelling around the site of the surgery is not going down very fast, or at least not fast enough for me. In the course of examining causes and potential cures I was recommended this program from a new friend who described her journey with knee joint pain (that sounded curiously similar to mine) and how she resolved it through participation in the whole30. I am happy that I had the surgery and took steps to remedy my issue. But, whether the cartilage damage was from injury or other causes is unknown, but I want to cover all my bases. Dropping 10 pounds and providing my body with good nutrition is a win-win for the knee, so why not. 


Lastly the feeling in my gut. I had a good laugh at the section of the book that comments on the old limerick, "beans, beans, the more you eat....." I maybe don't feel awful, but there is a rock in my gut and I want it gone.


Look forward to sharing with all you and changing my ways.


Stand back everyone I'm going to do some science!






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Welcome DuckBorg! I am a 1/6 starter as well and have hitched my wagon in the Huge Jan 5th start thread, even though we are a day behind, lots of good info and support in there. I finished up my 1st Whole30 in November and am looking forward to this second one....

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is citric acid on the no list?


Citric acid is ok on a Whole30.


For questions about what is and is not ok that aren't already addressed in the rules and Can I Have Guide, many have been asked before. Easiest way to search the forum is via Google. Type Whole30 followed by whatever you're looking for, and if it's been asked, you'll get links to the posts.

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alright. thanks people.  going into day three here. if day two flew by day three is starting off with a grind. thoughts running through my mind:


do i want to do this?

is it humanly possible to eat this many vegetables?

why is it so cold out i live in louisiana?

am i eating too much? (following the rules but clearly my body has no food intelligence as i am here)

after a month will my food bill be lower or higher?

when is the first weekend of mardi gras parades? (got to mentally prepare for dealing with others indulging)

why do food labelers make some labels so hard to find? ARE SPICES NOT FOOD I SAY? damn you deli counter!

did i not ever make a menu for the week before this because it feels like a lot of planning?

and so on and so on.....


also the other member of my household is in support but that doesn't seem to keep out the food questions like.....but aren't there hormones in meat fat? so not sure how to deal with all that as i am the cook and where as i do not want to torture her i have to do my thing and let her fill in the gaps she needs filling. 


is it bad for my wife to partially follow the program?  e.g. to eat a lot like i am but then adding bits of cheese and grains.


well enough for now just needed to get some of these thoughts out to you and to see how you feel about it.


Cheers to day 3

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