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I actually started yesterday, and just never got a chance to actually sit down and introduce myself before hand. Im kind of REALLY excited to be doing my first whole30, and have already started roughly planning out how I can work it into my daily life every couple of months or so...well see how this one goes first though. I've had issues with my weight, for what seems like forever, and partly because of work never really developed good eating habits- I've worked in restaurants/kitchens since I was 15, long days, weird shifts, and never having an actual "break" for a "meal" leads to some nasty food habits...along with other things. I've known for a while, I needed to find a way to reset/repair my system and just never found a good way to do it. I cant wait to share my journey with all of you, and maybe, hopefully be able to lend a helping hand as well. :D

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