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Breakfast eggs and meat together/protein sizing


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Just realized I've been eating 2 eggs AND a chix sausage at breakfast...is this too much protein? My understanding is that a palm (length and width) is actually pretty small portion...4-5 oz.

At dinner is a large bone in chix breast too much protein? It is definitely bigger than my palm but it just seems like 4-5 oz of chix is NOT enough to fill me up...even with veg.

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First, a portion of eggs, if that's your only source of protein in a meal, is as many whole eggs as you can hold in your hand. For most people, that's 3-4, and for some it can be even more than that -- so two eggs plus some sausage is probably not too much.


Second, the goal is to eat meals that keep you full for about 4-5 hours between meals. The meal template suggests 1-2 palm-sized pieces of protein. I personally find some proteins more filling than others, so there are some that I consistently eat closer to 2 palm-sized pieces of, and others that 1 is filling. Chicken breast, because it tends to be fairly lean, may not keep you full as long, especially if you're not careful to add fat to the meal. 


I would just pay attention to how you feel. As long as you're getting plenty of vegetables and including a good portion of fat, I would eat the amount of protein that keeps you full between meals. 


(Obviously, if you or anyone reading this has some kind of medical issue that causes you to need to limit protein, that's something different. This is just for your average person.)

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