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Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed the daily emails! Definitely worth the small fee. I have learned so much from the email and the included articles. I have read ISWF and did my first W30 over a year ago. But, armed with more information, this one will really make a difference. I realized a couple days ago that I was likely overdoing the cashews. I would grab a few when I got home from work, sit down and rest a minute, then fix dinner. What I realized is that I had substituted the nuts for whatever mindless snack I found after work in my pre W30 days. The habit was still there, just disguised in w30 clothing. To break the habit, I have to really break it--not replace it with something that triggers my brain exactly the same way. Without reading the articles,blog, and email, I never would have figured that out on my own.

There's so much more to the W30 than food, and what you can't eat. And, I'm learning it is indeed true--you get out of your W30 what you put in.

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