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A year of feeling fabulous


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I want to brag a little bit on my husband....it was his idea to do a whole30 back in feb of 2014.  His goal was to get off embrel which was helping his psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis.  He knew wheat was a problem, but wanted to see if there were other trigger foods.


We did our whole30 also following the AIP.  Night shades, dairy and wheat are all problems for him.  We continued the rest of 2014 following the program about 85% of the time.  Wheat, dairy and potatoes were pretty much out, but we did have some dairy, alcohol and peppers.


We both lost weight, got rid of brain fog and generally felt fabulous.  He started a martial arts class last year and goes 2 times a week.  He says he can't remember the last time he felt this good.  He's been off embrel since before starting the whole 30 (over a year now.)


I am grateful that this way of eating has brought back my once happy healthy husband!


Here is a pic from the cruise we just took over new years.  His previous unhappy unhealthy self would have never posed for this pic!


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