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Advice - When to start


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Hello Whole 30 champions

I will make a more formal introduction when I actually start my Whole 30 challenge (see below) but Hello and I look forward to many good days ahead with all of you.

I stumbled upon this site and the "It Starts With Food" book via Mark's Daily Apple and I have quickly become a fan. I am currently doing a 60 day challenge over a BeachBody.com and I have been eating Primal / Paleo (with heavy cream and Splenda use) for 46 days.

I started my current 60 day "health" challenge back on July 9, 2012 and I intend to finish it. I have 14 days left on the current challenge and I am doing well (15 Lbs down, lots of exercise, 46 days without bread, sugar (except Splenda in coffee) or intentional use of non-paleo oils (e.g. canola)).

I am participating in a group over at BeachBody and intend / hope to finish including end of challenge weight, measurements and photos. I do need to do this step to finish out my current challenge.

I also read the ISWF book this past week and and want to get started on a Whole 30 challenge (bye, bye to dairy and Splenda and my morning post-workout smoothie). I am (sort of) OK with not weighing myself (may be the hardest part of this Whole 30 challenge for me) but I don't want to start knowing that in 14 days I will have to weigh and measure to close out my current challenge.

Here is what I am asking:

1) Should I wait the 14 days before starting my Whole 30 challenge and uphold the final rule about no weight or measure during the Whole 30 challenge; or

2) Should I start my Whole 30 challenge on Saturday - 25th (as I want to do) and do the planned weight and measure in 14 days for the other challenge (knowing that this is technically a violation of the Whole 30 rules)?

I guess that there is a third option of not completing my current 60 day challenge but I am not a fan. I believe that completing what you start is a key learnable skill and the opposite is a habit I don't want to let creep into my life. I intend to finish the BeachBody challenge.

As a separate but related matter, I am currently looking if I can swing a trip to Hoboken NJ on September 9, 2012 to attend the Whole 90 Nutrition workshop at Crossfit Hoboken (which would be just after my current 60 day challenge ends). It means a weekend of my life (six hour drive both ways) but I so very much appreciate the opportunity and the reasonable cost to attend the session.

I look froward to any advice you can provide.



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My opinion having just completed my first 30 is: Start the Whole 30 now while completing the 60 day challenge. Ignore the no weighing rule. I think that rule is for the very weigh centric people that give up easily when they see daily fluxuations up and down. The real purpose of this is good nutrition, keeping that goal in mind I think you can do both.

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