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Just completed the first 30 and on to the reintroduction


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Ok so last weekend I completed my very first 30. After the first week it was very easy (compared to my expectations). I did miss sauces though (oddly). For those who don't know, prior to starting this I have been gluten free for about 3-4 years because of digestive issues. Recently, I have had a host of gut problems that landed me in the hospital more than once this summer. I couldn't find any doctors that agreed on a diagnosis (some said gall bladder, some said nerve disorder)---the final word: Lifelong condition (horrible pain) which would require meds 4 times a day just so I could eat. No gluten, no raw veggies of any sort. I was devistated! I rebelled by eating some carrot sticks and hummus and then paid for it all night long. The next day I decided I had nothing to lose and started the Whole 30, dedicated to healing and finding out what was truely ailing me, here are the results:

-22 lbs. (I have NEVER been able to lose weight since being ill, despite being very active) Any by the way, since I was so sick when I started I didn't do any exercise for fear of waking the beast. I think I might get even better results bringing back the activity.

NO medication needed the entire 30 days

More importantly.....NO PAIN!

More energy--no more hitting a wall at 4:00 pm.

Now on to the reintroduction: Milk day.....went very smoothly (I tried yogurt for breakfast and lunch and a tiny scoop of icecream at dinner) Funny thing, used to be addicted to icecream and didn't really have a desire to finish it.

Gluten day (today): Wrapped my breakfast up in a tortilla. So far........hours later.......NO REACTION. This is big considering some toast crumbs once landed me in the bathroom doubled over in pain for hours. However, I have to say.....gluten is NOT going to be a part of my regular eating plan. I literally had to gag down that tortilla, it tasted like paste and landed like a big bomb in my gut.

Weird day: I unexpectedly got stuck uptown without my lunch this week. I started to get really hungry and figured I'd better get something in there. So, I ended up with a salad (with chicken, no dressing) and a cup of tomato soup. Must have been full of junk (the soup, I'm thinking) because I just felt YUCK for several hours. Kind of like I've felt since breakfast today :)

Finally, if you've gotten this far (I'm known by friends as being very wordy).....today at breakfast I wondered: Am I inappropriately classifying tomatos as veggies? For dinner I had chicken thigh and sliced tomatoes and avacados. Is that really a fruit and therefore should be limited? (I secretly hope not because I love tomatoes)

I will keep everyone updated on the reintroduction progress.

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On the tomato thing. I do believe that they are actually fruits by scientific classification. However, I did note that on the Whole 30 shopping list, Tomatos are listed as approved "Vegetables" and they are highlighted green meanding that they are "a best choice".

Some food for thought!



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Thanks DJ. I lent my book to a friend and I didn't even think to look at the shopping list.

Renee, you are right about the nightshade aspect. To my knowledge I have no problems with nightshades and I've been eating them through the 30 days.

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Hi Nikol,

I have been wondering where you went. I missed you. Congratulations on the Whole 30! I reached mine as well but we are extending to 40 days because we joined the August group.

I am so glad you are not having pain. That is so wonderful. We are going to reintroduce dairy on day 41. I will let you know how it goes.

Have a wonderful day!


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Just thought I'd update everyone on how Gluten day went. Well.......no massive pain or bathroom visits. However, my guts felt shifty all day, I was gassy, extremely tired and had a very hard time actually eating the stuff. Today the tired has continued. It was my husbands birthday so for dinner I decided I'd have a tiny piece of cake. Well, I don't know if it counts but I could only swallow 2 tiny bites before I stopped. Not good at all. It was kind of a let down for my brain which was still expecting an emotional comfort there....weird. The good news is that I had no trouble at all jumping back into healthy eating. In fact, I was craving turkey like crazy all day until I got some for lunch. Next stop, non-gluten grains on Sunday---I'll keep you posted.

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