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Day 23 - symptoms suddenly returned - advice anyone???


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Hello everyone,

I wonder if anyone has any insights or advice.

I'm on Day 23 and have been feeling really fantastic in recent weeks. I've been very pleased with the results. I think I've lost weight too, although haven't weighed, but clothes fit better. I've had level energy, sleeping well, and digestive and skin issues had cleared up.

Suddenly I feel really tired in the afternoon, and have all the symptoms back that I had before I started my Whole 30 - digestive issues, dry itchy skin etc, sugar cravings.

I'm worried that the plan isn't working for me as it should. I don't want to lose my motivation for continuing after my 30 days.

Maybe I've eaten something off plan without realizing. I went out to eat and chose sundried tomatoes and olives - maybe something in those. Would just a small amount of sugar or whatever affect me so much for two days afterwards? If I have eaten something off plan I would still feel happy, because that would mean that the Whole 30 way of eating works for me.

Any advice or insights would be much appreciated.

Good luck on your journey.

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Hi there! My advice to you would be to pay close attention to what you're eating, in case you've come across a sensitivity, but to just ride it out for a little while longer. Oftentimes people experience a roller coaster effect with their program, sometimes seeing a short resurgence of problems before they go away for good. In behavioral terms, we'd call that an extinction burst. I'm not sure if there's a physiological equivalent, but for some folks there seems to be. Give it a few days and keep us posted!

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Hello Everyone,

Just to let you know, I feel fab again! Loads of energy, great in the morning, all symptoms improving - must have been something I ate!

Thanks for the support, and good luck everyone with your own journeys.

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