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Sunflower Seed peanut butter?


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You might want to read the rules and browse the Can I Have list


For any food, you'll need to read the ingredients list. If the Sunbutter you're looking at doesn't have any ingredients that aren't allowed (many of them contain sugar), then it's fine.


For the Crystal Light, read the ingredients list. I suspect it has some kind of sweetener (here's a list of some of the many names sugar/sweetener may be called), and it could have other problematic ingredients as well. 


For other questions you may have throughout your Whole30, you should try googling Whole30 + whatever you're looking for -- nearly everything you can imagine has been asked before. Then, if you don't find what you're looking for, feel free to ask.

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I use organic SunButter to make sunshine sauce (delicious). Read the ingredients. The only ingredient in the one I have is roasted organic sunflower seeds. I found it at WholeFoods

As for the Crystal Light it is probably a no go as most of that has artificial sweeteners.



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