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Starting my log on Day 7


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I started my first Whole30 on January 2nd.  I have been familiar with the concept of Paleo and Whole30 for several years, tried many recipes, believed in the theory behind it, but still kept that box of York Peppermint Patties in the pantry for my after dinner snack and finished most nights off with a glass of red wine.  


2014 was in particularly a tough year for my eating and weight though.  I had just turned 30 and everyone kept telling me that the pounds pack on at 30 and it's hard to loose them.  This, I found to be true, however I don't think my eating really helped.  I traveled at least twice a month for a week at a time for work.  For the most part, my diet was ignored when traveling.  Bread, cheese, wine, desserts were all consumed when traveling.  Then when I got back home, I would feel horrible - stomach aches, tight pants, itchy skin, not sleeping well, you name it.


Throughout the year, I would try different "diets" as the pounds started to pack on....South Beach, Weight Watchers, etc.  I couldn't commit though to any diet for an extended period of time (meaning more than one week).  I wasn't eating clean when I was on these diets, I still felt horrible.


Sometime in December, I decided it was actually time to commit to a Whole30 starting in January.  I would allow myself to get through the holidays (and champagne on New Year's), and spend my free time in December preparing for it.  I decided on January 2nd as a start date, then I went straight to the forums and started reading through tons of topics.  I looked at different blogs, bought a couple of cook books, and became extremely motivated.  I started trying recipes right away and trying for the most part to eat Whole30 in between holiday dinners and parties.  The food was good, and it really wasn't that hard.


Over Christmas, I mentioned to my sister that I was committing to a Whole30 on January 2nd.  She became extremely excited and decided to do it with me.  This has been extremely helpful and kind of fun - we text daily about our dreams from the night before (what bad food we were eating), what to cook to avoid food boredom, how tired we were at the beginning, how to be prepared for that family dinner on Saturday, etc.


I decided it was finally time to put my experience in a log though (I am a little behind, better late than never).  It has been helpful to reflect on my day - how I felt, what I ate, etc., so here it goes!


Day 1 - I was excited, ready to start, cook some good meals and not drink after New Year's.  I found myself hungry in between meals though, not sure why, I made sure my meals were large enough to hold me over till the next meal.  I think it was more psychological, I was starting a new eating plan, my body wanted to rebel.


Day 2 - Woke with that sugar hangover headache.  It kind of lingered all day.  Had a dream about eating skittles (I don't ever eat skittles normally).  My workout was not the best in recent history (ok, it was the worst in recent history).  Gigantic new pimple near my mouth.  Exhausted at 3 pm, but I was hanging out with friends later so rather than a nap, I had to reach for a cup of coffee.  Found it surprisingly easy not to drink with my friends - just put sparkling water in a cocktail glass and I felt like I was having a cocktail.


Day 3 - I slept in til 9:30!  Woke with a slight headache that went away shortly after getting out of bed.  (That was the last of the headaches I have had on Whole30).  Had a dream about eating a buffalo chicken wrap. Steak, eggs, and spinach for breakfast, yum.  Still tired around 3 or 4.


Day 4 - Monday, back to work, ugh.  Had a dream about grilled chicken tacos -luckily I don't wake wanting to eat these things.  Apparently it is the kill all things phase.  I didn't experience this (possibly because I work from home and my boss was on vacation).  Workout was slightly better than day 2.  I was in a great mood all day, had some food boredom though.  


Day 5 - Boss still on vacation, good mood continued.  Very productive at work, starting to feel my energy levels rise.  Workout was better than day 2 and 4.  Made Nom Nom Paleo's Slow Cooker chicken with gravy and mashed cauliflower for dinner.  Food boredom is over.


Day 6 - Boss back from vacation, had another great day though.  Completely happy all day (even though I have to shell out $500 to the vet because my dog was attacked by a boxer last night and needs surgery - he will be good as new as soon as they sew up the gaping hole in his side though).  Energy levels are awesome.  Skin is clearing up.  


Today is Day 7, will report tomorrow!

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Hope your pupp is doing fine. Shouldn't the other dog owner have to pay for vet bill?

Some cooking ideas: think simple, cook what you would always cook, and use whole30 ingredients only. It makes the program simpler, and you get the same benefits out of it :)

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Hutlifr - pup is doing well, settling in to life with a cone on his head for 2 weeks.  In a perfect world, the other dog's owners would pay, but I am not sure who they are.   :angry:   I do normally cook just a meat and vegetable for dinner, so it's not too different from my normal cooking, but I am trying to cook meals with leftovers too, even though I hate leftovers (learning to love them though).


Day 7 was an ok day - nothing too special.  I had to skip my planned workout to pick up the pup from the vet, so I decided to spend my evening in front of the fireplace catching up on Biggest Loser.  I had a little bit of a headache in the afternoon, but it didn't last too long.  Energy levels weren't great, but they weren't too bad either.  Didn't sleep great - but I attribute that to my dog trying to scratch his ears while wearing the cone several times last night.


Some major improvements/personal achievements over the past week:


-I have completely cut out snacking.  I did this from day 1 (day 1 was a struggle), but I needed to break the habit.  I have noticed after an afternoon workout though, I am really hungry before dinner.  I need to prepare the mini meals that I can quickly grab like deviled eggs and sliced veggies so I am not completely starving before dinner.


-I drink a ton of water now.  After my morning coffee, I have a cup with a straw that I fill up all day long.  I used to drink coffee in the morning, at lunch drink a diet coke, and then a glass of water with dinner.  (And obviously lots of water when working out/after working out).  At the end of the night, I would be really thirsty and always had to have water on my night stand.  I would wake up several times in the middle of the night because I was thirsty.  THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN ANYMORE!!! :D   (I still wake up at least once to go to the bathroom).


-Over the past two years, I have had a problem with itchy legs at night - before I fell asleep usually and then sometimes it would be so bad that it would wake me up in the middle of the night.  At first, it was just in the summer, so I thought it was something seasonal.  This year however, my legs continued to itch on into winter.  Since starting the Whole30, I have had 1 night (out of 7), where my legs itched.  AND it was only right before bed and then went away.  I am hoping this continues because I was starting to lose my mind!


Meal log from yesterday:

MI- 3 egg omelet with chicken, tomatoes, and spinach, coffee with coconut oil

M2 - Bison burger with paleo mayo and tomato, broccoli slaw with paleo mayo, and half a grapefruit

M3 - Leftover Slow cooker chicken with gravy and mashed cauliflower

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I am giving up eggs for the next week.   :(   I always thought my itchy legs and rash on my neck were dairy related, but I am thinking it actually may be eggs.  I've increased my egg consumption a bit since starting Whole30 and immediately after breakfast, my stomach is very unsettled.  The rash on my neck that I have had for some time is also getting worse, not better.  And then last night, the itchy legs were back.  I tried ignoring the fact that this could actually be eggs because I love them, but when I cut them out of breakfast today, my stomach was completely fine.  We will see what happens over the next week!


Meal log from Day 8:

M1 - 2 eggs over easy, sauteed spinach

M2 - canned salmon with paleo mayo and capers over a bed of romaine, half a grapefruit, handful of almonds

M3- grilled lamb chops, roasted asparagus

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York peppermint patties were always my fave american chocolate, when I moved here, to the US, I went nuts on them.  I used to keep a bag of those mini ones in my handbag.  at least I don't sit here wondering how I got fat when I moved to America.  :lol:


If you can handle the tuna or salmon cakes, those make a great 'go to' meal.  though they do have eggs in them.  so maybe its not such a good suggestion. 

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Oh the weekend...lots of temptations this weekend, but I managed to not eat any of them!  Saturday night was a family dinner at my sister's (my Whole30 partner).  I brought us a bottle of sparkling water with sliced fruit while everyone else drank wine, ate cheese and crackers, and then ice cream for dessert.  Not having the wine actually didn't both me, but I really wanted some crackers and cheese and then ice cream and cookies at dessert!  I did make prosciutto wrapped asparagus that were amazing so my sister and I didn't feel left out of the appetizers.  


Sunday night was a special birthday dinner for a friend.  This was much easier than the night before.  There were no appetizers before hand, no one was drinking wine (beer and mixed drinks wouldn't be my first choice if drinking), and there was no dessert.  Also probably helps that dinner was prime rib (probably my all time favorite).


So, Monday is here, it's another cold and rainy one.  Would love for the weather to warm up (and dry out) a bit so I could get some lunch time walks in with my dog.  For now, I guess I will have to stick to exercise indoors.  Awesome news is that I am one third of the way finished with my Whole30!


Meal Log Day 9:

M1- Chicken sausage, asparagus

Mini meal after workout - red pepper and 1/2 avocado (missing the protein on this one)

M2 - grilled chicken thighs, green beans with ghee

Pre dinner appetizer - prosciutto wrapped asparagus

M3 - steak, small baked potato, kale salad with star fruit, sliced almonds, and citrus vinaigrette


Meal Log Day 10:

M1 - Chicken sausage, asparagus

M2 -  Grilled chicken things, half and avocado, handful of plantain chips (this was kind of a treat), red pepper

M3 - Prime rib, salad with peppers and balsamic/olive oil, red potatoes (boil, smash, bake)


So white potatoes for two dinners in a row, not normal - I have plenty of other veggies in the fridge now after a trip to Trader Joe's!

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My dreams during this have been completely crazy.  I almost always have one where I am sabotaging my Whole30, then I wake up happy that I didn't have to start over.  I have other weird dreams too every night, bits and pieces come to me throughout the day.  It's quite humorous actually.  


Meal Log Day 11:

M1- Prosciutto, sauteed spinach in ghee, 1/2 a grapefruit

M2 - Grilled chicken thighs, avocado, tomato, and cucumber with oil and vinegar

M3 - Chicken Sausage, sauerkraut, cherries 

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I am starting to feel awesome - no headaches any more at all, tons of energy all day and right up to when I go to bed (which has been between 9-10 pm, I feel good in my clothes, and I really like the food I am eating.  Pizza and ice cream seem to be the only things I really miss (which I never really ate anyways, so not sure why I want it now).  I didn't sabotage my Whole30 in my dreams last night either!


Meal Log Day 12:

M1 - Chicken sausage, sauteed spinach with ghee

M2 - Prosciutto , peppers, 1/2 avocado, plantain chips

M3 - Salmon, asparagus

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My previously thought to be issue with eggs, is not an issue with eggs after all!!!  Weird enough, it is actually coconut.  After eliminating eggs, my stomach issues and rash on my neck continued to get worse.  My stomach was still almost always upset after breakfast - then I remembered that I had been adding coconut cream or oil to my coffee every morning, something I had never done before.  I started drinking my coffee black (wasn't bad at all) and cooking with ghee or olive oil only and magically my issues started to disappear.  So eggs are back on the menu - this morning I enjoying 2 eggs over easy over asparagus, I am a happy camper (no issues after breakfast either with my stomach!).


Last night for dinner, I made something that was surprisingly incredibly awesome (and I have leftovers for at least two meals).  Over the weekend, I bought compliant marinara from Trader Joe's and a bag of broccoli slaw.  I decided to make a meat sauce adding ground beef, sliced mushrooms, and some roasted garlic to the marinara and then use the broccoli slaw as my noodles (I am not a fan of spaghetti squash, so I thought this alternative to noodles sounded 1- easier 2- tastier).  I really had no idea how it would turn out, I was completely surprised.  While the marinara was simmering, I sauteed the broccoli slaw in some olive oil and salt and pepper (probably about 10 minutes).  It turned out great, always nice when that happens and you aren't expecting it.


Meal Log Day 13:

M1 - Chicken sausage, asparagus

M2 - spinach salad with roasted beets, grilled chicken thigh, tomatoes, cucumber and citrus vinaigrette, cherries

M3- meat sauce with broccoli slaw noodles 

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My previously thought to be issue with eggs, is not an issue with eggs after all!!!  Weird enough, it is actually coconut.  After eliminating eggs, my stomach issues and rash on my neck continued to get worse.  My stomach was still almost always upset after breakfast - then I remembered that I had been adding coconut cream or oil to my coffee every morning, something I had never done before.  I started drinking my coffee black (wasn't bad at all) and cooking with ghee or olive oil only and magically my issues started to disappear.  So eggs are back on the menu - this morning I enjoying 2 eggs over easy over asparagus, I am a happy camper (no issues after breakfast either with my stomach!).


I've heard a lot of people say they have issues with coconut! I haven't noticed any, but I did discover that nuts upset my stomach. Funny the things you realize when you cut out the rest of the crap, huh?

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Half way through after today!  I focused a lot on food and what I was drinking for the first 15 days, and now my food choices are easy and my selections seem to be based on habit.  I am not really wanting anything that I can't have (ok, a glass of wine every now and then would be awesome, especially with the filet I am cooking tonight).


Now my focus is going to be on more exercise I have decided!  I got into kind of a slump with my workouts at the end of 2014.  I do indoor rowing (at an awesome gym in Atlanta :D ) - workouts are either hour long group led intervals or speed and pace where the intervals are shorter/harder/more intense).  It's a great workout, burns between 450-600 calories per hour (based on your input, total meters rowed, etc).  I have been rowing for over 2.5 years now, and pretty much since after the first two months, have been able to row a 10k per hour class, no problem.  Sometimes I would even hit 11k (that would be a really good workout).  Well, November and December (and January til yesterday), I have been struggling to even hit 9500 meters.  This month, my distance has been slowly increasing (makes me happy), but last night I hit 10,242 meters!  Part of it may have been that I was teaching and always seem to do a little bit better when I teach, but this is a good morale booster for me.


The other thing I am doing is something called Classpass - Classpass is in about 20 different metro areas right now.  It is a pass that allows you sign up for classes at many different boutique gyms in your area.  You can go to each gym 3 times in a month.  There are yoga studios, Pure Barre, Flywheel, kettlebell studios, (my rowing gym), bootcamp, etc where you can take classes.  This weekend I am doing an intro kettlebell class and a Barre Fusion class (also teaching rowing at 8 am Saturday so hopefully this won't be overkill).  


I am extremely excited about all of these new workout options (it was $79 for a month and a got a $50 VISA gift card for being referred and you can cancel at any time before your next month starts).  Here is to hoping I don't kill myself with these new classes (luckily I am pretty good at recognizing over doing it, so shouldn't be too much of a problem...my guess is that I will be sore Monday morning though). 


Meal Log Day 14:

M1 - Two easy over eggs, asparagus

M2 - Left over meat sauce and broccoli slaw

M3 - Chicken sausage, green beans with ghee

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So I taught rowing this morning, then did an introductory kettlebells class, then took the dog on a 2.5 mile walk.  I am now officially exhausted.  I think I am going to put on some pajamas and cuddle under a blanket on the couch and watch a movie.  I would love a glass of wine to go with my Saturday evening activities, but that is not in the cards.  Oh well, I am roasting a rack of lamb at some point, so dinner will be more than likely very tasty.


Meal log Day 15:

M1 - 2 eggs, sauteed spinach

M2 - spinach salad with roasted beets, grilled chicken thigh, tomatoes, cucumber and citrus vinaigrette

M3- Filet mignon and asparagus

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Kind of sore, ok my legs are really sore.  Today I am taking a break from working out in the gym, instead the dog gets a nice long walk at lunch (to celebrate the 61 degree and sunny weather)!


I forgot to eat my 3rd meal yesterday, whoops.  I got home from the gym at 8 and was so sore, all I could think about was putting on pjs and crawling into bed to watch Friends on Netflix.  And I did just that.  Around 9:30, I realized I was hungry and decided it was easier to stay in bed than walk downstairs to grab something to eat.


Eggs are also now off of the diet.   :(   On the second day after reintroducing, my itchy legs and rash on my neck came back very strong.  I woke up in the middle of the night scratching and slept horribly.  I haven't had any issues the past 2 nights, so unfortunately I have to say no to eggs and coconut.


Meal Log Day 16:

M1: Chicken sausage and asparagus

M2 : Leftover meat sauce and broccoli slaw

Snack: 1/2 avocado, plantain chips

M3: Roasted lamb, red potatoes


Meal Log Day 17:

M1: Sauteed spinach with ghee, prosciutto, 1/2 avocado

M2: Lamb, potatoes, green beans with ghee

M3: whoops :o

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I am really surprised by how easy this has become and how good all of my meals are.  I don't feel like I am on a "diet" and feel like I can continue this past the 30 days (with the occasional glass of wine of course).  (As I typed that, my best friend just sent me a picture of an amazing looking mojito from South Africa - now I want a mojito...and to be in South Africa).


I had another not so stellar dinner last night, but at least I ate this time.  After I finished working, I stayed upstairs and did laundry before heading down to the kitchen (I work from home).  My salmon was defrosting so I couldn't start cooking right away - should of taken it out earlier.  While it was defrosting, I had some plantain chips with salsa and then I was still hungry so I opened some smoked oysters in olive oil.  After I ate this, I was full and decided that would just be my dinner.  I went ahead and cooked the salmon so I could have it over a salad for lunch today.  Oh well, for tonight I am making Nom Nom Paleo's slow cooker chicken, so I know I will have a good dinner tonight!


Meal Log Day 18:

M1: Sauteed spinach with ghee, chicken sausage, strawberries

M2: Lamb, potatoes, bell peppers

M3: Plantain chips, salsa, oysters, cherries

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My first business trip of this Whole30 is tomorrow.  It's only a day trip, so it should be easy enough, but I will still need to prepare.  My flight is at 9 am, so I will have breakfast at home and probably a cup of black coffee at the airport.  I am going to pack my lunch - I am thinking lettuce wraps with chicken, tomato, and avocado, and then bell pepper sticks, and maybe some strawberries.  I have a Larabar and almonds in case I need it too.  My return flight is at 7 pm, there is a sushi restaurant in the terminal, so I am planning on sashimi for dinner.  I will have extra veggies to snack on for dinner too.   I am fairly certain the hardest part will not be eating any of the pizza I am bringing in for the customer, pizza seems to be one of my week spots.  I am actually pretty excited to do this so I know I can travel and keep this up!


Meal Log Day 19:

M1: Prosciutto, sauteed spinach in ghee

M2: Spinach salad with salmon, peppers, beets, tomatoes and oil/vinegar, 1/2 avocado

M3: Nom Nom Paleo's slow cooker chicken, mashed cauliflower 

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Wednesday was the first day I looked in the mirror and noticed a real difference (ok I actually noticed it while Facetiming with my BFF - my face was slimmer and glowing).  After my Facetime chat, I went and looked in the mirror because I thought that had to be better than the iPad screen, and I was right!  


That night, I also did my first Pure Barre class.  I am not sure exactly what to think about it yet.  The instructor didn't really explain anything (I think there were a lot of regulars) so I felt like I spent most of the time looking around to see what other people were doing.  I had read reviews of what to expect your first time, so I had a little idea of what she meant when she said tuck (still no idea if I was doing it correctly).  It felt like it worked my problem areas though, so I will definitely try again (going to a different Pure Barre studio this weekend with a different instructor - hopefully that will give me a better feel).


Yesterday I was traveling all day.  I prepped the night before with lunch and snacks, and just in case I needed to, I packed extra protein and veggies for dinner (I did end up needing them).  It was really nice to not have to worry about where to eat that would have healthy options.  Normally I spend so much time walking around the airport trying to figure out something healthy to eat, that I end up running out of time before my flight and stop at the place closest to the gate regardless of the options there.  I think I will make packing meals on business trips a regular occurrence.  (I will have to do it next week anyways!)  I also went to 2 bars (one before the airport, one at the airport) where my colleagues were drinking.  I sipped on soda water with lime and was completely satisfied.  I did REALLY want a glass of red wine though, something about a good glass of wine when there is snow on the ground (I guess it is a good thing there is no snow on the ground in Atlanta to tempt me)!  


Meal Log Day 20:

M1: Chicken sausage, bell peppers, 1/2 grapefruit

M2: Spinach salad with salmon, tomatoes, 1/2 avocado, oil/vinegar

M3: Leftover slow cooker chicken with mashed cauliflower


Meal Log Day 21:

M1: Chicken sausage, asparagus

M2: Lettuce wrap with chicken, 1/2 avocado, tomato, bell peppers

M3: Chicken, carrots, small handful of almonds, and a Larabar (first one of the Whole30!)

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Pure Barre this morning kicked my butt.  The different studio and instructor were much better than Wednesday's class even though we did practically the same workout (slightly different order).  I am already signed up for next Sunday morning at the studio I went to today!


Meal Log Day 22:

M1: 3 strips of compliant bacon, asparagus

M2: 1/2 avocado, prosciutto, plaintain chips and green salsa, carrots

M3: Chicken, green beans with ghee


Meal Log Day 23:

M1: Prosciutto, asparagus

M2: http://thedomesticman.com/2013/07/02/sukuma-wiki-kenyan-braised-collard-greens-and-ground-beef/ 

M3: Pork tenderloin, salad with apple, red pepper, avocado, oil/vinegar

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I am in the final home stretch - i am not giving myself really any down time this week (this weekend was nice and relaxing), so I should be able to get to Sunday without it feeling so far away!  I just have work, a lot of working out, a little bit of travel, and then an 8 year old's birthday part at the skating rink...then before I know it, it will be day 31.


Meal Log Day 24:

M1: 3 slices of compliant bacon, asparagus

M2: Lettuce wrap with 1/2 avocado, prosciutto, chicken, and tomatoes, plantain chips and salsa, cherries

M3: Filet, small sweet potato with ghee, asparagus

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I did a spinning class last night for the first time.  It was a great class with a great teacher and the workout was killer.  Unfortunately though, I woke up at 1:15 completely sore.  I ended up going downstairs to get some advil, but my sore body kept me up for a good hour or so in the middle of the night.   :( I am fine now, just a little sore, but trying to decide whether or not to take a rest from working out tonight or not.  I won't be able to workout Thursday/Friday because of work, so those are two planned rest days this week.  I will probably wait till right before I have to leave for class before deciding.


Meal Log Day 25:

M1: Prosciutto, sauteed spinach in ghee

M2: Pork tenderloin, green beans with ghee, plaintain chips and green salsa

M3: Leftover Sukuma Wiki, cherries and about 4 strawberries 

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