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My new life.

Laura B

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My first Whole 30 log can be found here: http://forum.whole9l...ura-bs-whole30/ for those that are interested. I was updating it, but I don't feel right posting there since I am not currently in a Whole 30, and I really like using this as my journal.

I'm in the same boat as most--W30 changed my life. I eat grass fed beef, I go to bed at a decent time, and I get my eggs from a Chiropractor's parking lot out of the back of a truck. I just signed up for CrossFit so I am prepared to be considered even more "neurotic" by society's standards and I couldn't be more thrilled!

Right now, I am really into researching the food industry and habits across the world. I read The End of Overeating (after learning about it from Adagio on this forum!) and it's been a slippery slope ever since. With the library. I'm...obsessed. I found out you can search for books/movies and then reserve them when they come in!! All from my computer. So I had a couple to pick up and when the lady came back she had 5 books! :wub:

I didn't realize they all came in at the same time. The other awesome part...you can renew your checkouts from the computer. Oh yeah.

SO...these are the titles I have. I don't know what to read first!!

Craig is doing well on his W30 so far. Today is day 5 for him. This week our dinner's have been what he affectionately (really) call "slop plates". I just sautee whatever vegetables I fancy and then throw some already browned ground meat in. They have all been really tasty! Last night I did a red pepper, 1 onion, 2 tomatoes (I got a bunch free from a coworker!) & sliced carrots. Then I added frozen chopped spinach that I microwaved and drained. Added the beef until warm. I topped mine with Sriracha because I can and it is delicious! Tonight we are having London broil and some zucchini noodles and maybe even the cumin carrots from Well Fed.

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Hi laura

Just read your post and would love to hear how this changed your life

I am on day 7 and each day has been a struggle

I have been on and off diets all my life....I am not a binge eater or an emotional eater although I do sometimes eat from boredom

Not really much of a foodie actually

I started this to end this obsession with dieting and also of course to lose a few pounds ....I don't have a lot to to loose but nothing will budge the fat .

I also would love to sleep better and have more energy

So far I feel more tired....can barely work out and no change in sleep

So I would like to hear from someone who has done it .....did you achieve what you wanted to?

I also really want to try stick to this as I have a habit of not finishing things

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Congrats on completing your Whole30 and for inspiring Craig to join in! I'm really hoping my hubby will climb onboard soon (he's still providing tons of excuses ;) I'm on Day 16 and really frustrated over half a strawberry I ate yesterday that had sugar on it! I didn't know it had sugar until it went down the hatch! So frustrating when there is a "slip" that wasn't by choice. Anyways, looking forward to reading your journals (I'll have to look back through your Whole30 log to catch up:)

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Thank you for your support, ladies!

I did start My Life In France last night. I think it will be a nice break from all the science-y stuff I have been reading. I started with ISWF, then hit The Paleo Diet Solution (just to hammer it home?) followed by The End Of Overeating. Ready for a nice story. B)

So I would like to hear from someone who has done it .....did you achieve what you wanted to?

Sarah, that is a loaded question! I will do my best to respond. You can check my Whole 30 log that I linked in my OP of this thread. I think my recap is on page 4. Basically, before I read ISWF, I was completely consumed with perfecting my body. I started working with a personal trainer in June of 2011 and saw a lot of great progress and improvements. I was not reaching my full potential I think in part because of weekly cheat meals that usually included beer and then more cheats. I was diligent about being in the gym and dedicated to that. My boyfriend moved in with my in January of this year and I think it stressed me out a lot more than I let myself realize.

By May I was tired of being "stuck" so I started pushing myself harder. My trainer suggested I start carb cycling where 5 days of the week I would have no carbs in any form except for the "incidentals" from veggies and the other 2 days I would carb it up. I saw some progress but I mostly turned into a nutcase measuring every single thing that went into my mouth (thank you food scale) and keeping tabs of every bite (calorie) with MyFitnessPal and a heart rate monitor I purchased (which is actually cool to use sometimes).

I was also relying on protein powders and I took a plethora of supplements everyday (vitamin C, a B complex, poor quality fish oil, a multi and calcium) along with a "natural fat burner" which was a concoction my trainer told me about: green tea extract, caffeine tablet & L-carnitine. I was consuming a lot of caffeine every day. I used whey protein for post workouts or sometimes as a meal and casein protein before bed to "feed my muscles". How stupid.

On top of this obsessive behavior, I had a pinterest account and tumblr that I used to fill my brain with fitness tips and images of perfectly sculpted women. I also found a ton of people on instagram that would post their workouts, progress photos and their meals on a consistent basis. That is actually how I found ISWF. I literally read one chapter and the Whole 30 guideline from this site and started. I was fed up. It took me a couple of weeks before I realized how obsessive my behavior was and I removed all of these triggers from my life. I unfollowed all "fitness" related boards on pinterest, stopped even logging in to tumblr and removed anyone on instagram that posted pictures of their bodies. I still love instagram but now my feed is mostly FOOD! :wub:

That is the major change that I accomplished with my Whole 30, I seriously fixed my relationship with food and alcohol. The other improvements I found were clearer skin, I no longer have dark circles under my eyes, I work out much less, I'm not bloated, I hardly have gas anymore (I used to have chronic gas) and I prioritize sleep. I was also over training in the gym (going almost every day at 5am for one thing or another and sometimes again in the evening) and working a LOT. I have 2 jobs and during my Whole 30 I basically took a leave of absence from my 2nd job (I work at Old Navy and I kind of love having a discount!).

After reading The Paleo Solution I realized why I had been so stuck at a plateau. I was punishing my body and I wasn't getting adequate sleep. I started going to bed with a book and tea, no TV, no phone and making sure I got those 8 hours. I feel soooo much better and the circles under my eyes are gone!

So now, instead of my priorities being:

  1. working out
  2. eating "perfectly"
  3. working
  4. Laura
  5. Laura
  6. Laura
  7. Craig
  8. Everyone else

It's more like:

  1. Whole foods
  2. Sleep
  3. Love
  4. Laura & Craig
  5. Training
  6. Everything else

It is truly an amazing experience. I can't explain how it just opens you up to the world. All of my efforts before were in vain (literally). It took a lot for me to be comfortable with myself and not weigh or measure, and it is still a process. If you are conflicted as to whether you should do it or not, I think you should give it your best effort. It is only 30 days and it absolutely cannot hurt you to eat the way they tell you.

Congrats on completing your Whole30 and for inspiring Craig to join in! I'm really hoping my hubby will climb onboard soon (he's still providing tons of excuses ;) I'm on Day 16 and really frustrated over half a strawberry I ate yesterday that had sugar on it! I didn't know it had sugar until it went down the hatch! So frustrating when there is a "slip" that wasn't by choice. Anyways, looking forward to reading your journals (I'll have to look back through your Whole30 log to catch up:)

Thank you, Runningforme! But Ah! It's just a strawberry....eat it!! They have so little sugar in them. You can have fruit, just don't eat a cup of fruit in syrup. Really, a strawberry is good for you and if you eat a handful it is very little sugar. I don't think it was a slip. :D

Breakfast today:


Sauteed veggies in coconut oil + coconut aminos: red pepper, broccoli, leftover carrots, roasted tomato, cabbage. 1/2 avocado & 3 pastured eggs fried in coconut oil.

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Thank you so much for the response

I would love to stop the obsession with food

Just to eat and not worry about counting calories ,putting on weight,working out etc

I have just had dinner at friends and Now have a stomach ache and bloating

I tried to eat correctly but who knows what went into the food.ate veg soup,meat green veggies salad and fruit

Don't know what has given me stomach ache

On to day 7

One week down

Thanks for the support

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I think I love this thread.

Laura, I love how you explained the ways in which the Whole30 changed your outlook on food and fitness. I've never been super athletic but I do love the gym. I used to rely on it completely whenever I wanted to lose weight and would get so frustrated when I reached a plateau. I would just punish myself more and restrict food more and then get frustrated. What I didn't know was that I had some metabolic and insulin resistance issues that were basically making sustained weight loss impossible. My body was working against me at every turn, and all I did was ratchet up the stress and pressure to perform. The Whole30 has helped me reframe my entire life, from what I eat to how I workout and even beyond to how I prioritize what's important in my life. It's amazing. I did this so I could lose weight, address my physical issues, and gain energy, but got the added bonus of seeing how much I needed to put my husband and toddler son back at the top of my list. I can't say enough how awesome this is and I'm glad there's another Laura out there who put it so well. :)

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Thanks guys

I woke up feeling great and your post have re inspired me

Day 8 ,one week down and I had a good sleep and my tummy is flat

Like you guys I am a bit of an exercise nut

Actually I teach pilates so I am in that world all the time.....good bodies and people obsessed with looking good

It's hard when you go to work and the skinny gorgeous fellow teacher has started a new diet ,fitness regime

I really want to stick to this so I can give up the dieting,and feel happy and energized

Love hearing how good you all feel

Thanks ,on I go

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I started CrossFit. I called on Monday, set up a time for Wednesday and did my first official WOD on Friday morning. During my orientation, the head coach Justin was explaining a lot of the basics of CrossFit to me. I knew a lot of what he was talking about because I have been stalking the sport for a while now. He even explained to me what a burpee was. I just stayed humble and took in everything he was saying.

I told him that doing the Whole 30 gave me a push towards CrossFit and he said "Oh, wow. You are already ahead of a lot of people here!" Pretty cool. B) I can't wait to talk to more people about whole foods!

So I signed up and went in Friday at 5:30am for my first workout. It was a small group and I was thankful for that. Some of the classmates were impressed I showed up for a morning workout my first time. We practiced front squats and our WOD was 5 rounds for time: 15 single arm KB swings & 15 ring dips. The coach modified mine to be both arm swings and bench dips for only 4 rounds. I think I did pretty good...finished in 5:58. I can tell you the next morning that my body is feeling it!

I just love CF already. The gym is dirty and dark. There are no mirrors. Everyone is happy and every single person in the gym introduced themselves. There were no headphones and zero intimidation. I absolutely loved it.

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That sounds totally awesome! I have a local gym membership and just got a groupon for a gym near my work that has spin classes and yoga. I'll do my 20 classes there and then find something else. I've been Leary of joining a crossfit group like that but I might consider it now that you've described yours:)

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I still have my globo gym membership for now. It is only $10/month and is a rather large facility. I mostly want to keep it for the pool (although I really don't get up there much for that) and maybe some winter running. Although I think I need to just suck it up and cancel the membership. It doesn't get that cold here in the winter. :rolleyes:

Craig is doing great on his W30. We went out to eat last night for my cousin's birthday. We did our best ordering and I think we were pretty compliant. We got cobb salads without blue cheese or bacon (OK I kept the bacon) and no dressing. Craig brought a packet of Wholly Guacamole for his dressing. The restaurant was part brewery and I felt bad for Craig because he has such an infatuation with beer. He really wanted one, but prevailed! This is the longest he has gone with out beer in a very long time. He is really into learning everything and I need him to watch me make my breakfasts because he saw mine after he already ate and said "Aww yours looks so much better than mine".

I went for a run this morning since I can't make it to the 4pm CF class. My shoulders were pretty sore yesterday from the KB swings. I am excited to go tomorrow. :D

Today is my parent's 34th wedding anniversary and they are having us, my brother and his fiance and my grandmother over for a late lunch. My mom is usually pretty good about trying to make something that works for my eating. They are grilling steaks, crockpot green beans, baked sweet potatoes and a salad. I am trying to get her to read ISWF because my dad really needs to eat as healthy as he can. He has been battling lung cancer for a couple of years. He went through chemo and radiation 2 years ago and has to go through another round of chemo starting next month. He doesn't eat too terribly (for SAD standards) but he really likes ice cream. I really want him and my mom to do a W30, but I can see how it would be a lot for them to take on given everything else going on. It also could be challenging because the chemo brings your immune system down so much that he isn't supposed to have fruits or veggies that you can't peel.

My dad's health is a major component of my efforts to be the healthiest I can. It's really tough to watch him suffer and I really don't want to be in his shoes. Ever. I think I am heading in the right direction!

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The anniversary party yesterday was a great time. My mom prepared veggies that would be compliant for Craig. I brought coconut oil for everyone's sweet potatoes. I did the usual prep: poke 'em with a fork all over and brush with melted coconut oil and then bake. Everyone loved them (duh they are delicious). She made green beans, steamed squash, a mixed salad (Craig and I brought our Wholly Guacamole packs for dressing!), fresh tomatoes and grilled steaks. She said she got all organic veggies and I think she said the steaks were organic, too. Aww :wub: It was really special because over the past year I have felt odd about my eating habits with my family. They always have questions and maybe I just didn't give the best answers. I think so many people are always asking about my eating habits that I tend to get defensive about it. I need to be more positive and assume they are just being curious and not insulting.

So the food was really good, I ate half of my steak and a ton of veggies. I was stuffed for the rest of the night. She made cheesecake for dessert and I wasn't about to have any. I just know that would do a number on my insides so it was easy to decline. Craig was suffering a bit more. He is doing great, though!

I feel a major life shift coming on. I currently work for my dad as a sales rep and I enjoy the flexibility and perks this job provides me, but I don't enjoy my work. I don't feel like I am fulfilling a purpose in this world. I want to do something associated with health &/or fitness. I am very much considering going for a Master's in holistic nutrition. I have a lot of research & praying to do in the coming weeks.

It is a difficult position because my father started the company in 1995 and I got a degree in Management to take over the company in the future with my brother. It makes my dad happy that I did this but I just feel empty. As I mentioned before he is battling lung cancer right now so it is really hard for me to tell him what I really want. I don't want to live my life for him, but I feel this enormous obligation to do what I "need" to right now and then pursue my own happiness later. I know this is not healthy. I guess I am just scared.

I'm going to do more research on different schools and programs and hopefully I can figure out some sort of life path to move down. Say a little prayer for me to help me find my path and then one for my dad that he may be strong in his upcoming treatments.

Thanks, Whole 9 fam!

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I have been diligently researching holistic nutrition programs over the past couple of days. I really feel that this is what I want to pursue with my life. I want to absorb as much information about the human body and it's relationship with food as I can. I want to share that information with people and I want to help them grow.

I don't mind doing distance learning as I pretty much have no choice anyway. I was torn between two different institutions, but think I have made my decision. I want to apply to the University of Bridgeport in Bridgeport, CT. The first reason is because it is a physical University that has been in place since 1927. The second reason is that it is in CT where Craig is from and we intend to move there in the next few years. It would be awesome to have a MS from a University in the state we will be living in. Because I want a degree in holistic nutrition and not to be an RD, I think having a local education will be more trustworthy to others.

The other institution was Hawthorn University which certainly appealed to me, however they are based out of California and have only been in operation since 2002. I don't think they have a physical campus with classes going on which is okay, but I like the idea of a physical campus where students are buzzing about.

If I am accepted into UB I will have a few pre-requisite classes to take (Hawthorn did not have any pre-req's--another thing that made me a little weary) before officially starting the Graduate program. The only thing that I am a little sad about is the pre-req's are not offered in the Spring semester. So I will have to wait until May to get started. I am a little sad as I wanted to jump into it, but maybe it is a good thing. Maybe it will give me time to save some money, work on crossfit and prepare myself better. It would probably have been a huge undertaking to start right after the holidays anyway.

So, I just need to read up a little more before discussing with my parents. I am glad to have a drive once again. I hope that they will be supportive of my decisions.

Craig is still doing great on his W30. Today is day 11 for him. The other night he complained of only drinking water. We went to the store and found a few sparkling waters for him to try. I think it helped that he had another option.

My CF adventures are in full swing. I got beat up on my second class! First we practiced bench presses. I worked my way up to 72 and then did 2 more sets at that weight. It was a total of like 8 sets. Then the WOD. We did 5 rounds for time: 20 push ups, 10 TTB & 10 ring rows. I couldn't do the TTB so I did leg raises lying on the ground. My time was 12:42. My knees got mat-burned from the pushups and my tailbone took a beating doing the leg raises. I took yesterday off and am going back today.

Today we practice back squats and then the WOD is:


5 rounds for time of:

400 meter run

95 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps

It's gonna be tough! I've never done weighted overhead squats, so I have no idea how much weight I will be doing. We have been getting a lot of rain here from hurricane Isaac so it will be doubly interesting if we will be running in the rain!

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Incoming photo dump:


Another #lunch another #salad. #baby spring mix tipped with grape tomatoes sliced steamed carrots, red pepper a hard boiled egg, London broil and a curry mayo dressing. Sweet potato & Apple on the side. #Yup #paleo #Whole30 #eatarainbow #getinmybelly


#spaghetti #squash right out of the oven. I fell in Love with it the first time I had it. Definitely tastes nothing like pasta, delicious in its own veggie way Made #grassfed #meat #sauce last night to top it with. Should feed @craig_treich and I for a he days :)#paleo #Whole30



Dinner! #zucchini #noodles #chicken #Apple #sausage sauteed with #peppers #onions and #apples #paleo #Whole30 #eatarainbow #eatclean #eatyourveggies #Yum #fresh #organic #foodporn


I haven't replenished my supply yet...this stuff is too good. I usually reserve it for pre-workout but I think even then I tend to overdo it. Gonna wait a week or 2 before I get more. :unsure:


Dinner after CF Wednesday night. Well Fed's bestchickenyou'llevereat. I munched on some deli meat & strawberries in the car on the way home. I'm not used to working out in the evenings, I kind of just want to eat dinner and not have a PWO meal. I'm working on it...


PaleOMG's mushroom gravy rumproast made with a grass fed shoulder roast, steamed french green beans and roasted brussels. It was GOOD.


Breakfast this morning. Pastured eggs...runny yolks :wub:

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Yesterday I was very snacky. I'm not sure why...found myself munching on macadamia nuts & dark choc chips that were in the pantry. The choc chips weren't a good quality and they were kind of old lol. I looked at the ingredients after I ate a bunch and they have soy lecithin in them. I'm really trying to avoid that stuff so I threw the rest out.

Then I cut up a watermelon we got at the farmer's market yesterday...I couldn't fit all of it into the glass container so I ate a bunch of it. It's really not that good, but I kept eating it! Oh well, it could have been worse :)

I made bone broth yesterday! It is still cooling in the crock pot (I let it cook overnight). I'm pretty excited about it.

CrossFit is going great! My box is starting a paleo supper club! Their first gathering is this coming Friday and while I would love to attend, we are going to TN so we will have to take a rain check. The host is responsible for the meat and then everyone brings a paleo dish. I think it is so cool!

They are also starting a nutrition contest from 9/10-10/10. I will not be participating as I think it will lead me into neurotic behavior. I want to enjoy the beginnings of CF without losing my mind over body composition!

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That's awesome that you are enjoying crossfit. I found one near my work and I think I'm going to give it a whirl when I get back from Colorado. I'd like to do 30 days of whole 30 and crossfit just to see the results. I'm pretty sure crossfit is going to be too expensive for my budget long term but a month here and there will probably be ok.

Good for you throwing out the crap. I'm still working on that. I have some chili lime cashews that I should probably throw out or give away but they are sooooooo darned good. Funny how foods that I used to think we're " not that bad" are just off the list now.

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I went to whole foods today to get a few things...picked up some coconut aminos, red boat fish sauce, kombucha, kraut & a couple of beauty items. I'm really into keeping my cosmetic stuff clean, now too! I got some of Dr. Bronner's soap last week and I love it. I have been using it on my hair and I've been trying to find a cleaner conditioner to use. I also got Aztec Secret clay mask and have it on my face right now.

I had something really tragic happen after I got home. I was putting the aminos and fish sauce in the pantry and somehow I dropped the aminos...and the top popped off...and the whole bottle spilled!! It was quite depressing. :(

In other news, I successfully made bone broth! Pretty excited about that. Now off to enjoy my Sunday evening :)

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I'm not big into cosmetics, but at the spa I go to - well. I'm not really a spa girl either, I just like to e well groomed - they have bare minerals brand and I got samples of the cleansers and they are awesome so I started using them. I've done the makeup thing there too, but haven't bought any yet. I might as it wasn't like any other makeup I've ever used. You can't feel it on your face and it's all mineral based. I haven't looked into the reputation of the company at all yet, but i thought I'd throw it out there.

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Melissa, CF is just the best! I definitely recommend giving it a try. It is expensive, but for me it is actually less expensive than my personal trainer was. I paid more for 4 30 minute sessions a month and with CF I can go unlimited. Right now I am only going 3 times a week because it is tough. Yesterday we had a team workout for Labor Day and I was flippin exhausted by evening. The workout was at 9 am, and by 8pm I was toast!

The team workout was really fun, and there were about 30 people there. I was super excited to meet some of the girls of the gym. I so want to make new friends.

Derval, I want to try the coconut oil overnight, but won't it get all over my pillow?? Should I get some sort of head wrap? I'm not as concerned about hair products as I am skin products. Since it is our largest organ I want to take great care of it. Plus I was looking at the ingredients in a lot of my lotions/body washes and they contain soy or wheat! WTH!

Melissa, I used Bare MInerals for the longest time. I liked it, but it tends to be rather messy. I started using MAC last year, but I will likely end up going back to some kind of mineral makeup. Since my skin is clearing up and I don't have dark circles under my eyes, I don't need as much anyway!

I figured out why I was so snacky the other day...I started my period. Hello! Guess I should be paying more attention.

I still haven't really re-introduced anything officially. I don't really miss anything! We are going on a weekend trip to the Smokies in TN this weekend, so I may venture into some off-roading. I have some prep to do for Craig since he is still in his W30. I know our hotel room has a fridge and microwave so I am going to make some egg cups and I think we will prepare some salads to eat for lunches.

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My post W30 life is trucking right along. I am still evolving and still eating mostly W30!

My dad starts his second round of chemo on Monday. I have been super torn about telling him my plans for the future. He started a business in 1995 and I have essentially worked there my entire life. I went to college and got a degree in management to take over the company with my brother someday. It was really important to my father that we work together in the business and fill his shoes. I was pretty okay with this, especially since it was some serious job security. I enjoy a lot of benefits working for him, but I feel empty.

So last night Craig and I went over to my parents house and I told them I want to go to grad school to get a master's in nutrition. They were a little taken aback since it sort of came out of nowhere. I don't talk to them much about food since they seem rather uninterested when I bring it up. The W30 really roped me in and I am simply fascinated by whole foods and how they interact with our bodies.

So anyway, they were supportive! Phew! I was nervous and I feel so much better having it out in the open. My mom asked if this would be a "side gig" and would I still be working for the family business...so I told them that Craig and I do eventually plan to move to Connecticut at some point (Craig and I met playing video games and he is from CT. He moved down to GA to live with me in January. We had been on & off doing the long distance thing over the course of about 4 years. Weird, right? :lol: ). They weren't too upset by this, I think they sort of saw it coming. For perspective...my entire family is from Atlanta which is extremely rare. No one is from here. They are all transplants. My mother's family dates back 5 generations in Atlanta and my ancestors actually built the first brick building in the city that was burned down by Sherman in the civil war. My father's family is from more rural parts of Georgia but both of my parents were born and raised in the city. Moving to New England is so not the norm.

I adore New England. It is so different from Georgia or even the South as a whole. Everyone lives in a town. They have SEASONS! And where Craig is from, pretty much everything is 2 hours away. Boston, NYC, the beach, the mountains. It's awesome.

So the grad school I really want to go to is in Connecticut! I mean it is so perfect. I will actually be doing the program online, and it's a holistic nutrition degree. I have no interest in being an R.D. (although I have a lot of respect for anyone who puts all that work into a career!), so it would be wonderful to have a degree from the state where I plan on living. The school is The University of Bridgeport. So I just need to find 2 people to write me letters of recommendation and I can really get underway on my application. I'm really excited and hope I get accepted!

This weekend we are going to Pigeon Forge! I am so excited! It's an annual trip my best friend and I normally take, and I am so pumped for Craig to come with us. Everyone have a wonderful weekend!


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