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My first Whole30!!


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I have never been one to post on blogs/forums, but I need to make some changes and step out of my little box.


I am on Day 5.  Hubs has joined me on this journey.  We have been 60/40 paleo for the last year- we did really well about a 18 months ago, but we fell off for some reason.  We both felt great doing it and we want to get back to that feeling.   Personally, I need to break that connection to crappy food.  Being honest, I was eating horrible food for breakfast and snacks (mcdonalds, chips, ice cream).  The past year has been tough- position eliminated at work- and I know I am an emotional binge eater.  I have to stop that habit and what better  way to do it than with a Whole30.


Day 1-4 have been ok.  Not too bad- craved a diet coke on Day 2, but went for a sparking water instead and survived!  I've been having some GI issues and feeling tired but it is nothing I can't handle.  I know it is the crap flushing out of my body.


Day 5 Breakfast:  Hubs finished the egg muffins and I did not feel like making eggs, so I had a hard boiled egg wrapped in prosciutto and a bowl of berries (with cinnamon) plus coffee.  I am starting to drink my coffee with less coconut cream (just one spoonful versus 4 on day 1).


It is going to be a crazy weekend, so I am going to do some Week 2 meal planning today.  I cannot believe the amount of prep work, but I have discovered some great recipes in the process!!

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Welcome! I assume because you needed a quick meal for breakfast that you only had 1 egg and no veggies? The rule is to eat as many eggs as you can hold in one hand so it should be 3-4. You should eat veggies before fruit and a little fat. Here is the meal planning template http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf. Yes prep can feel endless. Check out The Clothes Make The Girl for tips on a weekly cook up that can be very helpful! Good Luck!

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Thanks for the advice, Tina R.  The fruit was prepped and ready; I need to do the same with veggies.  I have raw prepped for munching, but I love roasted ones with eggs!  Will also make sure I have more eggs- also need to make sure Hubs gets more!

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Had a great run/walk on the treadmill this morning- got 4.5 miles in while watching trashy TV!  I was truly hungry afterwords, so I ate lunch (typically I would have a snack).  I had leftover beef tenderloin with sautéed broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus.  I added a little balsamic vinegar and oil for a "sauce".  Ended up having a snack later in the afternoon (small apple and almond butter), but I have been active throughout the day.  


Dinner is in the slow cooker- compliant chicken sausage, kale and butternut squash stew.  Going to steam some broccoli to go with it.  Not sure what Hubs will think of it, but it smells really good- especially on a col, windy day.


As I look at this quick topic- I realize I am eating too much fruit.  It is taking care of that sweet craving.  I need to go for the veggies first.

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Day 6 and probably going to be hard....


breakfast: coffee with coconut milk, 2 eggs, homemade breakfast sausage, spinach


lunch: had to take the kids to a b-day party where I drooled over their pizza.  Whenever I "can't" have something, pizza is the one this I want.  I might even trade one of the kids for a slice.  Since it was right at lunch time, i took some carrots/celery/snap peas to much on.  Then I had a cashew lara bar.  Then we were off to whole foods.  At whole foods, I ate the rest of E's orange.


Once we got home (10 minutes ago), I had a bowl of chicken enchilada soup (with added spinach) plus a container of wholly guacamole.  


I plan to eat before 5 since we are going out to eat tonight.  I did my homework and know what I can have.  The problem is that we are starting at the local winery....oh would I love some wine.  This will be a hard night- hanging with friends and not drinking wine.  I know I can do it and I want to do it.


Will update tomorrow on how my first eating out experience goes!

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So day 6  was great!  I survived Dinner Club with no wine!!!  The first part was hard- sitting at a local winery with all my friends drinking the nectar of the gods- but I actually did not want anything.  I snacked on carrots/celery and some of the nuts I brought.  It was a long night- didn't get to dinner until 9pm.  Everyone else was full from the carbs the snacked on at the winery.  I ordered a compliant kale salad and the rainbow trout with beet puree (which was compliant!).  I drank tons of sparkling water with lime and felt great!  I did want to try everyones food- and i will one day, but not now.  Overall, it was so much easier than I expected.


On to day 7:


Breakfast: coffee, 2 eggs, SF bacon slice, 2 cups kale and my favorite salsa (thankfully it is compliant!!!).


Went to the grocery without kids!!  Then off to a yoga class.   My goal this week is to incorporate yoga into my routine.


Came home and was starving, so I made lunch.


Lunch: leftover stew, carrots/celery/snap peas, HB egg wrapped in prosciutto


The dove into my prep for the week.  I am surprised to say that it was so much easier- I have pork in the crock pot for tomorrow.  I roasted some veggies and made the BEST chimichurri sauce- and i proceeded to dip roasted veggies into it.  I have NEVER sat and munched on veggies like that- cannot wait to have it on the roasted chicken tonight!


Dinner plans: roasted chicken breast with chimichurri, sweet potato fries, brussel sprouts and kale.  Cannot wait!!!


Overall, I feel so much better than I expected! 

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Day 8!!  Cannot believe I made it to day 8.


Feelling tired today- had a bad nights sleep.  Today is starting out to be a challenge.  Pre-Whole30, today would be one of those days where I would binge on some horrible food.  It is just an emotionally challenging day and I eat based on emotions. 


My plan to keep that in check- have a great breakfast.  Get the kids to school and then work out.  Going to make some I love for lunch and then pulled pork for dinner!!


I need to be prepared for those moments when the "eat" anything thoughts creep in- good snacks and sparkling water.  I got this.

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Looking back...


Day 8: 

Lunch: egg roll in a bowl

Dinner: pulled pork, broccoli, kale

Snack during the game: veggies, nuts

We had people over for the game.  Tons of food and i was good and ate veggies.


Day 9: 

Pre-WO (spin class): HB egg, prosciutto

post-WO: 3 eggs, leftover egg roll in a bowl

lunch: pulled pork, stir fry veggies

Dinner: salmon, broccoli salad, spinach

went to bed early- 9:15.


Day 10!!  Cannot believe it is day 10.

This is feeling hard today.  I just read the timeline and they say 10-11 are the hardest and I am definitely there- not seeing any changes, convinced I won't see changes.  I would love some non-compliant food, but that is more of a I want it versus a craving.

Breakfast: eggs, kale, salsa, coffee

Snack: sparkling water, cutie orange (out running errands)

Lunch: HB egg with prosciutto, asparagus with prosciutto, citrus brussel sprouts (I could eat all of these!!)

Dinner plan: pulled pork stir fry with fried "rice"

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Day 10 (continued): finished the night with an 8pm yoga class.  Felt great to stretch.  Came home and had to make cookies for hubs....I survived!  I realized so many times that I would have tasted something or linked a bowl....yikes!


Day 11:

pre-WO: HB egg and proscuitto, leftover brussel sprouts

post-WO: 2 eggs, leftover stir fry/brussel sprouts

Lunch: 2 compliant hot dogs, sauerkraut (yum!)

snack: apple and nuts

dinner (was a little due to E and N's swim lessons): pig in a skillet with sautéed rainbow chard


Feeling better today.  Pants fit the same but I need to find some patience somewhere!!!

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