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First Whole30 Experience


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I started the Whole30 on January 1st with my sister and best friend. It's been going great. We're all learning A TON and cooking up some tasty foods. I've been experimenting and improvising recipes and just having fun. I even splurged and bought a Cuisinart Smart Stick Blender that Melissa recommended for making mayo...yep. It's make the BEST mayo EVER.


I've had a few challenges here and there. A specific one I'll mention...briefly...let's just say my fiancée wanted a chocolate pudding pie for his birthday. I didn't lick the spoon. I promise. I'm definitely proud of myself so far though. I am VERY proud of my teammates doing this too.


I haven't stepped on a scale but I can tell I'm losing weight. My fiancée commented he can tell just by looking at my face. I'm feeling great, sleeping through the night and in awesome moods throughout the day.


I'm excited to continue through this journey and see the end results.


Best wishes to all the folks participating in the Whole30.

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