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Soy sauce on my sashimi

Kate File

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OMG, day 5 and I have just been to the fish market to buy fresh prawns, tuna sashimi and salmon sashimi for a healthy Friday night dinner. Plus salad.

But how can I have sashimi without a bit of soy sauce!!! I forgot about that! And is the wasabi ok?

Surely 1 teaspoon of organic soy sauce will be ok.

30 minutes till we eat......


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Use of any soy sauce ruins a Whole30 and means you need to start over. Soy is a serious no, even at the level of 1 teaspoon. Remember, the Whole30 is not a "moderation" diet, it is a strict, good food-only experience to let you discover what you can feel like when you don't eat anything known to be a problem for 30 days.

I just bought a selection of artisan balsamic vinegars from an olive oil and balsamic vinegar taproom. I might try sashimi with a citrus infused balsamic.

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