Well Fed Anniversary Dinner


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The Husband and I just celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary in the midst of our Whole 30. We're actually having a series of anniversary dinners since we're making a long weekend of the celebration, but here was the "official" dinner:


Silky gingered zucchini soup (From Well Fed 2)

Egg Foo Yung with spicy sauce (veggie-fied w/ extra cabbage and no meat. From the first Well Fed)

Pan-fried sardines (From Well Fed 2) over a mixed green salad


We feasted while curling up with Desolation of Smaug. It looks like an odd assortment of foods, but it was all awesome. And we tried sardines for the first time! Not at all fishy like I had expected and the arrowroot coating was amazing. We're doing that again with shrimp and maybe some chicken cutlets in the future.



Our other big dinner was awesome for different reason. We had dinner with a couple (D and L) that we're close with and they cooked a Whole30-compliant seafood curry for us AND NomNomPaleo's Whole30 sriracha! I had gifted them some Red Boat fish sauce and coconut aminos and over the past week D has been asking me ingredient questions and handing me recipes saying "I think this is okay for you, will you check?" He ended up looking through 20 different bottles of shrimp paste at the Asian market to find one without junk and then made his own chili paste from scratch. D and I also came up with a Whole30 riff on caprese salad--potato and tomato salad. Grilled potato slices with thick cut tomatoes, drizzled in oil and balsamic, and sprinkled with basil. Together with the porkloin that I made per The Husband's request, we ate pretty damn well. And we're obviously very well loved by our friends. :)

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