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Hi all!

i am brand new to whole30 and i have been eating my breakfast of 2 eggs with veggies and a half an avocado. the literature suggest to eat 3-5 eggs for one meal and that seems like so much and perhaps not good for you! that just seems a lot for my height and weight and wanting to lose weight. i am 5'4" and weigh approx 120. Any suggestions?

Also, to lose weight, should i limit nuts? if so, how much should i be eating or should i cut them out completely?

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At 5'-4" and 120 lbs, you are not overweight.

Regardless, on the Whole 30 you should eat enough at each meal so that you are not hungry between them. If 2 eggs works, that's fine, but it wouldn't hurt to add one more or include some other protein source in addition to eggs in the morning.

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Hi Hollyglight!

I agree with what MissMary says above, but wanted to add a bit to it.

While weight loss is often a benefit of a Whole30 problem, you may find yourself disappointed if it's your end goal. The purpose of a Whole30 program is to create awareness of how food interacts with your body and (for repeaters) to help you regain control if you've taken to some bad habits. Once you're done with your program, there's plenty of time for tweaking for results. But this is not a weight loss program, it's a self-improvement program. Your scale number is what it is, and it may or may not change after 30 days. But if you commit to changing your relationship with, and perspective on, food, you will be surprised at how many worthy changes you see.

To address your concern about food volume: Eat as much as you need to (according to the meal planning template) to feel full at each meal. If this means 3-5 eggs, then eat 3-5 eggs. We haven't seen any convincing evidence that eating that amount of eggs -even every singe day - is harmful to you. If you can, avoid snacking between meals. If you can't, make each snack a small meal.

Hope that helps clarify for you!

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