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day 24, appetite GONE.

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hi folks -

so, i've had a cold the last few days and haven't felt so hot. the first day or two i was still able to eat alright. but, now that i'm starting to feel a little better, my appetite has completely vanished. i have barely eaten in the past 2 days and don't want anything, not even NON-whole30 foods. the thought of eating anything makes me ill.

is it alright to go like this for a little while? i'm drinking plenty of water and forcing myself to at least get 2 eggs in each day, but it's almost all i can manage.

i'm worried that my whole30 is going to end on a bad note :(


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Hi Jenny!

How about adding in some bone broth or soup? It's really important to get something in your body to fuel all the immune activity, but I totally understand not feeling hungry. Do your best to get in what you can, and make sure that your choices are nutritious as possible.

Feel better soon!

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