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i'm going out to dinner to a vietnamese restaurant and i'm not sure what is compliant or not...

i scanned the restaurant menu and the only thing i maybe see is curry chicken.. but who knows what they put in their curry.

i plan to call the restaurant to find out but anyone have past experiences like this?

i'm new with whole30 so i'm still learning how to deal with situations like this without being a complete hermit or completely giving up on the plan.

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It's tough to eat out at Asian restaurants especially. Lots of soy, sugar, etc. It may be hard to find anything compliant.

Your best bet is usually a steak place where you can request your meat served plain and get steamed veggies as a side.

Anyplace you go out to eat, you need to have a specific conversation with the server. Enlist the server's help in finding items that could be made compliant with the least trouble to the chef (at least that's always how I word it).

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