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any experiences with whole30 friendly restaurants in philly?


with multiple restaurant weeks coming up in the next few weeks i'm bound to go to one...

i would like to keep compliant with whole30 rules while still being social :rolleyes:



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I live outside Philly- LOVE Restaurant week.


I will check around and let you know if I hear of any good places- so many awesome spots to check out in Philly. Def will be hard being on Whole 30. I have my first dinner out tomorrow - mexican - so already checked out the menu and planning my meal.


Not sure if you have ever checked out Vedge or Charlie was a Sinner - two vegetarian places. I went to Charlie was a Sinner Friday- Vegan. Small plates and def could get thru a Whole 30 there for a meal.


Good Luck :-)

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Philly area born and raised!  Fette Sau is too good to be true.


Oh really?? I live a stone's throw from Fette Sau. I assumed their sauces etc wouldn't be compliant. This is excellent info.


On that note, Kensington Quarters also looks like it might have some compliant meal options.

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