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I've really set my sails this time...


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Hi all,

Whelp...I've completed my second Whole30 (Whole 35 actually) pretty much immediately after my first Whole30. You can see my reflection on my first Whole30 here: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/1144-ive-set-my-sails/

After this second round I am still loving eating this way.

- My skin is smooth and clear

- I've lost another 14 pounds for a total of 27 pounds lost since starting my first Whole30 the second week of June

- I sleep so soundly!

- I feel truly in control of my food choices

- Food tastes better to me--it's amazing how the processed foods and sugars were tainting my taste buds

My plan is to eat Whole30 for my day to day meals with an occasional off-road for a special occasion. Even in those cases I plan to make the best choice I can.

My one exception is that I want to be able to have a little 90% cocoa chocolate (Lindt with no soy lecithin or other yucky stuff) here and there.


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Great to hear!

I am coming up to the end of my first 30 days and plan to keep it going.It's been easy this time and I don't want to feel cloudy and like death ever again..why should we?

All the best in your journey and thanks for the words.Inspirational!

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