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Returning to the Mothership


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Day 25 on W30 & I'd like to come home to the Whole 9 forum please. I've been an active part of a W30 forum for August on another blog site. This time around I recognized that I wanted & needed to be part of a like minded community. To support & motivate eachother. No one in my real life eats this way, so I had hoped to connect and share with others online who do.

While the forum has been of help (particularly early on with weight loss & W30 veterans sharing advice etc), there are now only a few genuine survivors left. There are instead many posters who claim to be toughing out a W30, but who believe it is still OK to be drinking wine, eating sugar, have regular cheat meals etc. The worst thing is that they post about all their cheats every day, which seemed to disolve the rest of the group's momentum, bringing most of the others undone. These types of posts are sabotaging & disrespectful to those who are taking the W30 seriously... i.e. reading & understanding the program, then sticking to it (or starting over). The people who are drinking the wine etc to cope with their W30 come along & confess all about it to the forum. I imagine it would be like someone trying to give up drugs, & having their Councillor come to meetings & talk about how many great drugs they have been taking to help them cope with being a Councillor?!!

Anyhoo- I am going great guns with my W30 & would like to come home to the W30 Mothership community now, where the forum is moderated, posters are compliant, positive, constructive etc

I am battling some long term metabolic issues... so am shooting for a minimum of W45. Lots of awesome changes & results to share soon, goals to re-affirm etc.

Is this best done in a journal here, or what do people suggest?

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PrimeGal, more than half way to your goal. That must feel good. I have a similar problem to the one where someone who I have a reasonable amount of contact with talks about doing the Whole30 but then regularly eats food with sugar and encourages me to do the same. I have stopped talking to her about it as it is a little frustrating.

Good luck with the rest of your Whole30.


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