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Day 24, and learned something about myself re: Iced Tea

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I've been an Iced Tea drinker for decades.  3 Splendas/Truvias/Equals/Pink Stuffs per glass.  Doesn't matter what the packet says, I "have" to have sweetener.  


I drive the waiters crazy because I'm so "thirsty", they are constantly refilling my tea.  I even ask for extra large glasses, sometimes even 2, just to keep them from running around.  


So, enter W30.  Plain iced tea....are you kidding me?  OK add lemon, big deal, I do that anyway.  No little packets?


What I've learned:  I no longer drive the waiters crazy.  I drink 1-2 glasses during a meal, and I'm good.  So, what I learned is, I was chasing the sweet taste, not the "thirst".  I had no idea I wasn't really that thirsty until I started drinking tea straight.  It's like water....I drink it as I need it.


Just a Day 24 realization, you can go back to your previously scheduled activity....lol.

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Update, over a month later:  I still have not had one single packet of little yellow stuff!  Even in my coffee! 

It's still a habit though, as I still reach for the packets when the iced tea is put in front of me.  I actually tore one open the other day absentmindedly, and threw it away when I realized it.


At home, I make 2 gallons of iced green tea and drink from it all week.  I was putting in a lot of stevia, which I no longer do.


I've learned something:  it's not illegal to drink it without sweetener!  lol


So yeah, upset that I spent so many decades putting that stuff in my body.  

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Here's something along those same lines that I've realized. I don't like coffee and tea as much as I once thought. I liked the cream and sugar that went in them. Coffee is pretty gross black and unsweetened iced tea tastes like water to me.


I disagree on the tea, but I am right there with you on coffee.  Once I realized I didn't need the caffeine hit, black coffee was not worth it anymore.  I was drinking a pot a day before, usually with a good 1/4 cup of coffee mate per cup.


I was just thinking as i'm eating my lunch how freaking AWESOME my roasted broccoli/sweet potato combo tastes.  I NEVER would have had those thoughts pre-whole30.  I did eat vegetables, but a much smaller amount and only because I knew I should.

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