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Day 12-Bloated, So Tired, and Discouraged


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Last July I successfully completed my first Whole 30 and had wonderful results that I raved to everyone about. I slept well, my skin looked great, and I lost 9 lbs in a month. I am now on Day 12 of this Whole30 and I'm having the opposite experience. I am constantly exhausted with kind of a foggy head feeling and I am so bloated my pants wouldn't zip this morning. The only difference between the two Whole30's that I can tell is simply that I am working out during this one whereas before I was a sedentary lump. Now I run or do a cardio or strength class 5 days a week at 5:15 AM. I signed up for a 5K in February and a 10K in March and that's important to me. 


I'm so frustrated. I feel terrible instead of better. Did anyone else stay super bloated for so long if they were working out? Will this go away? My real fear is that my thyroid is tanking and my metabolism is crashing and I don't know how to fix it. Oh, and to top things off, the first round of Whole 30 made my stomach feel like its contents were dissolving and it was constantly upset. Now I never have to go (sorry to share) or it's really hard to. Can you enter the Kill All the Things Stage on Day 12?


Here's what I've eaten the last few days:



    Breakfast-Sausage, veggie fritatta (veggies include peppers, sweet potato, onion, spinach), banana with walnuts and a scoop of almond                     butter, mini wholy guacamole cup


    Lunch: leftover hamburger, hashbrowns and broccoli, raspberries


    Dinner: taco salad with guacamole



    Breakfast:Sausage, veggie fritatta, banana with walnuts and a scoop of almond butter

    Lunch: Chicken and kale salad, two cuties

    Dinner: spaghetti squash and meat spaghetti sauce, raspberries



    Breakfast: Sausage, veggie fritatta, banana with walnuts and a scoop of almond butter, mini wholy guacamole cup

    Lunch: leftover spaghetti squash and meat sauce, 2 cuties

    Dinner: grilled chicken, roasted potatoes, salad with mayo dressing and one hard boiled egg


Am I eating too much fruit? Too much in general? Too much protein? I don't do a pre-workout meal because eating at 4:30 AM sounds unappealing and it makes me nauseous when I run--so I just eat a sizeable breakfast.


Any advice would be much appreciated!

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Some things that jump out at me.


First you are eating walnuts and almond butter every morning. Nuts can cause stomach discomfort for a lot of people. With sausage and eggs and sometimes quacamole you probably don't need to add the extra fat of the nuts to that meal anyway.  


Second, you have added exercise to your routine this go around which means you need more food. I know eating at 4:30 am sounds horrible, but not eating within an hour of waking up can really mess with your hormones. That pre-workout meal doesn't have to be much - a hard boiled egg would do. You might also want to do a post workout meal between your workout an meal 1. Just come chicken breast and sweet potato would be great. If that doesn't sound good then I would increase portions at the rest of your meals especially of protein and starchy vegetables. It is hard to judge your portion sizes. Are you getting at least a palm sized serving of protein and 2-3 cups of veggies at every meal?


Third, how is adding those early morning workouts affecting your sleep? Are you getting enough? Sacrificing sleep for your workouts can cause stress in the body that makes the exercise less helpful.


Fourth and last, if you are having digestive issues you might want to try cooking all your vegetables for a few days to see if that also helps. Raw veggies can be harder to digest and it is harder to get the correct volume of veggies in when they are raw.


Hope some of this helps!

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Have you tried removing the almond butter? Nuts can cause a lot if digestive issues. If you are eating nuts everyday that could be why you are bloated. The banana could be too much sugar. Your body may not be able to digest it quickly so it ferments in your gut causing bloating. You could have SIBO - small intestine bacterial overgrowth. This can't be solved with the whole30. Sometimes after a whole30 we become more sensitive to our food triggers it may take some trial and error to figure out the problem. Also you are only on day 12. Did you keep a journal from your last whole30? You might want to now so you can see what you are eating and narrow done the problem. Good Luck!

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Thanks everyone! I will try cutting out the almond butter and nuts and maybe move the banana to a later time of day. I like the potassium from bananas so I'm loathe to give it up completely. I am eating a ton of protein but as I reflected on my post this morning I realized one other different thing from last summer--I'm using different produce. In the summer there were always farmer's markets so it was easy to get lots of great produce fresh and I don't love frozen veggies quite as much. I still make them and eat them but maybe they are just not as light or healthy as heartier winter veggies. 


Anyway, we will see. I won't give up yet. I will also try getting some more sleep. I usually get 7 to 7.5 hours when working out and I really do prefer 8 usually. 


Thanks again!

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