One Good Whole30 choice I made today is:


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Today, I watched a doctor give a brief news clip for the reasons why shows for overweight individuals do not give lasting results.


It's exactly what I've learned from a Whole 30.   If you don't find a deeper reason for your desire to lose weight, it will not stay off.  A person has to find a program that works and make it their own.  Bingo. 


He said those who jump right back into their former habits rebound with every pound.  He reported for any weight loss to be maintained, which is just as much of a challenge as losing it....the program has to be your own.


A Whole 30 with a Slow Roll Reintroduction Plan is something you can learn from.  You then create your own program.  I call it my Positive Food Management Program.   I've adopted new habits through the Whole 30, individualized and personalized it.   It is the deeper reason that has enabled me not to rebound with a single pound after 15 months.  


He strongly said that dieting for the sake of dieting never works long term.   How well, I know that. Diet is a four letter word.  Truth. 

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My meal times are a bit off today due to a long workout which pushed meal one way back. I thought about just waiting until meal 3 to eat, but I have to attend a potluck tonight and I was a bit afraid of what I would do once I got there and was in the "eat ALL the things!" mood. So- I decided on a smallish meal of broccoli, well fed's Italian pork with a big dollop of freshly made mayo, and half an apple. Pretty sure I'm in a good place to make th best decision possible tonight (I'm not on whole30 at th moment, but eat as close to it as possible for most meals).

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After a weekend off-schedule, off-template and with too many off-road ingredients, I decided to get back on for a Whole7 to straighten back out. I went 100% compliant yesterday and feel so much better for it! And now attacking Day 2//7 with gusto. :D

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