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Day 1 of my Whole 30 (again!)


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I'm restarting my Whole 30--I was on Day 5, then realized that the Celestial Seasonings tea I've been drinking contained soy lecithin. I'm really good at reading food labels, and should have realized how pervasive soy is as an ingredient, but never thought to look for it in tea!


At any rate, I decided to do it properly and I signed up for the daily emails. I'm looking forward to the encouragement. I can't wait to click that I did my first day successfully. I even took a 2 mile walk at lunch to buy compliant organic teas.


So far today, I've had:

Meal 1: 4 oz homemade apple pork patties, kabocha squash, roasted green beans in coconut oil

Meal 2: 4 oz grass fed beef, tomato, cauliflower, creamed kale (so delicious, I have to share the recipe: http://paleoparents.com/featured/crazy-for-kale-2/)

Snacks: Handful macadamia nuts, tall Americano

Meal 3: (Planned, it's still 4PM in Boston!) 3 eggs with kale, tomato, onion, and ghee, avocado, maybe a sweet potato or a little more kabocha


I feel really great and inspired today, probably because I've been off sugar since September, but I'm really looking to explore if dairy is the cause of the acne I've had basically my entire adult life, and to work on my relationship with food as a treat.


If you have any advice, I'd love to hear it. My husband is supportive and enjoys the Paleo/Whole 30 meals I cook every day, but he isn't doing the Whole 30 with me. Luckily, his cabinet with the sourdough bread doesn't tempt me, and although he's Persian, he actually loves cauliflower rice now.



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Oh, that soy!! That sucks, sorry you got soy'd!

At least on Day 1 again right away you don't have to go through any of the nasty Day 1-5 stuff again! I would recommend for your meals that you stop weighing your protein and measure it based on the palm of your own hand (length, width and thickness). It's hard to say how 4oz fits your personal hand template but based on the fact that you're snacking, I'm thinking you might do with eating a bit more at your meals.

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