Getting my life and health back,again


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I spent a whole year taking care of my hubby who had been hospitalized for 8weeks and eventually had an amputation. Today, he is in great health! Very long year for me.. It looks like I lost most of the benefits I gained from W100 in 2013 with gaining back the 25 pounds I lost. I also lost my self confidence and most of my joint pain came back.

Even though I have eaten compliant 95% of the time, I have gotten a bit crazy with artificial sweeteners, and mountain dew(diet). The weight gain and joint pain has not budged.

Today restarts a 100% compliant W100. Got to get my life back.

M1...3 eggs, broccoli slaw stir fry with black coffee with a bit of coconut milk. I had forgotten how greasy that is....yuck. Maybe I will forgo that and keep it black.

M2...plan to be chicken with a salad

M3...more chicken and sweet pot, broccoli etc.

My addiction is chewing gum that relieves stress. That is going to go.

So today is the first day of a long stretch to undo a year of bad habits. I did it before and I am hopeful that I can do it again.

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Day 3 with no gum, artificial sweetners. Did OK this morning getting up and off to work-I get up at 430 am to get to work by 545.

Had 3 eggs, spinach,butternut squash for M1. M2 is chicken, green beans, cauliflower and brussle sprouts. PreWO is 1 egg, PostWO celery and almonds. M3 chicken in salad with peppers, olives, 1/2 avocado.

Brushing teeth alot to replace gum feling.

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Day 4-finished my first day of work yesterday with no gum. It can be done! Didn't get to work out as I stayed late a work. Didn't have too much of an issue with the lower caffiene hit in the morning. Seemed to sleep better last night without a tylenol PM(I take melatonin as well).


M1-same ole breakfast as yesterday. I typically prep 4 lunches, 4 breakfasts for work and stick in fridge/freezer. Very little variation during a work day for those 2 meals.  Dinner mostly chicken and salad or like last night chicken and sweet pot.


Boring is not as bad as it can be. If you are hungry, you will eat anything.

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