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Be the Change!!! - My W30 - Start August 25, 2012


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Hello all

I am a 41 year old male with a great wife (married 16 years) and two kids (son - 9; daughter 7.5). I live in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and I work for our provincial government, helping to protect the Great Lakes.

Back in 2009, I was not very healthy and got on the scale one morning and was astounded that I was 307 Lbs (I am 6'1"). I had been somewhat active but not consistently. I did not eat horribly but I was not a model for sound nutrition by anyone's standards. Seeing the scale at 307 was one of those life changing moments.

I researched, found a plan that I liked and started to make a concerted effort to become healthier, for me, for my wife and for my kids. I followed a "balanced" nutritional program and committed to going to the gym 5 - 6 days a week. I was fairly successful but on a slow and consistent pace. By November 2011, I reached my lowest weight of 245 Lbs. Over that time, I changed my "I can't" attitude into a "I can" attitude. I participated in two 1/2 marathons and one mini Triathlon (which were big wins), but learned that running (run/walking) was not my thing. I completed 3 rounds of P90X and one round of Insanity (at home fitness programs).

Over my time making positive changes, I logged every exercise, every calorie and every macro-nutrient I consumed each day. I had an accountability partner and "coach" in Texas that I emailed every night with my daily nutrition log (every gram of every macro-nutrient) and I did this consistently for months. She consulted with trainers she knew and some even suggested that I was lying because my recorded food intake and exercise summary was inconsistent with my success (or lack thereof).

All this means that I am a hard loser of weight. I don't give up though and I experiment and tweak to find out what works best for me. After much experimentation, I have concluded that Paleo eating works best.

In November 2011, I just finished my Insanity round (at home extreme cardio) and I decided I should relax a bit and heal some nagging injuries. My nutrition lapsed too as the Christmas season started. By June 2012, I was back up to 282 Lbs and pretty disappointed with the all the hard work gone to pot (belly) - literally.

On July 9, 2012, I started a new (60-day) challenge eating following the Primal Blueprint (Mark Sisson) and my workouts consists of 6 days a week doing a P90X / Insanity (one workout each day) plus I do at least two lunchtime workouts at the gym during the week being a BodyPump class and an "athletic training" class (which is like a sadistic boot-camp).

Through marksdailyapple.com, I learned about the Whole9life.com site and the Whole 30 program. I thought it was interesting but did not give it much more thought. Then, last week, I was out on vacation with the family at a bookstore and came across "It Starts With Food" and decided to buy it. I read it over the next few days and decided that I needed to commit to doing the Whole 30 challenge.

I spent the last few days researching local options for "compliant" whole 30 foods, discussing with my wife that I am doing yet another program, and started buying supplies for my start date on Saturday, August 25, 2012.

I picked up some food and pantry items tonight and I am visiting our farmers market tomorrow, our downtown health food store, my butcher shop (my next door neighbour runs it), and the grocery store.

I will continue my current exercise program (P90X / Insanity hybrid) plus two classes at my gym which means 8 workouts a week over 6 days (Monday and Thursday are two-a-day workouts).

I am currently eating my version of primal which includes a smoothie every morning with fruit, water and whey power. I have cream and a Splenda in my coffee(s) every day and have the occasional cheese additions to meals. I have not had any bread or wheat since the start of July and I am not a big legume person. I steer away from added sugar (noting that I do allow Splenda in my coffee). Also, I have not had an alcoholic drink in three years.

Challenges I see:

1) I need to be diligent with reading my labels - there is no place for lazy on W30.

2) I need to find a coffee or alternative drink that I can have W30 compliant, that I will enjoy.

3) I cannot have smoothies as my post-workout AM meal anymore (have now almost every day for three years).

4) My family (wife and kids) are not doing this W30 challenge with me (although I do make most of the meals and buy the food).

5) Temptations will continue in my house over the 30 days and I will have to accept this. I have now gone 46 days without digging into the nutella, the ice cream, the cookies or the chips I know are in my house - I plan to continue this trend. Right now there is an open package of licorice on the kitchen counter, a bag of chocolate chip cookies beside the chair in the TV room and a cake my son made in cooking class sitting on the toaster oven.

6) We are not rich - so keeping added expenses to a minimum is key to family health over the duration of this W30 challenge.


1) Label reading can be very enlightening but it means shopping with the kids for food is not an option for a bit. They don't have patience to spend 10 minutes looking for a W30 compliant tomato sauce.

2) I am going to Starbucks tomorrow AM to meet with the Barista to find a coffee that I can enjoy that is non-dairy without any sweetener (my normal is a venti Café Americano with Cream and a Splenda).

3) I know what tomorrow's post-workout breakfast will be. I will play it by ear after that.

4) My wife is key and she knows I am doing the W30 challenge and some basics but I need to give her more information (but I cannot appear to be pushing it on her - dead end if this happens).

5) Temptations will be an issue. I don't have issues with the "sugar demon" if I keep my carbs in check. As long as I don't have one bite, I am fine. I have great "won't power" to say no but when I do say, "maybe one little nibble", in the blink of an eye, I can be finished two rows of chocolate chip cookies or 3 slices of cake. I am happy with rigid rules as planned "cheat meals" don't work for me.

6) I cannot try to do it all today and tomorrow. I need to keep enough on hand without breaking the bank.

Tomorrow is Day 1 and I am excited to get started. Starbucks and the farmers market... here I come!

Sorry for the long post!



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Day 1

Well it was an interesting day. There was a bunch of tension in our house as I start "another plan". I was up early, to do the weight, measurements and photos. I decided to set aside my workout and get out to the market.

I dropped by Starbucks for my first visit of the day and chatted with the barrista about what I should drink. My beverage of choice (like a warm sweater on a cold day) is a Café Americano with Coffee Cream and a Splenda. Well today I decided to have a Café Americano - black. Of all the things I was most concerned about was my coffee. As it turned out... it was OK... Not great but OK.

A short story. Back 12 years ago, I quit my nasty smoking habit (2 large packs a day - 50 cigarettes). Then 3 years ago, I just decided to not bother with alcohol. I have not had a drink since. As such, my coffee is my only vice (setting aside sugar, carbs, and other food nasties). With all that said, it was not too bad. I can get used to black coffee and may experiment with coconut milk later on.

I went off to the Kingston Public Market. The Kingston Public Market in Springer Market Square is the oldest and longest running Market in Ontario. I stopped at the Frugal Farm booth and spoke with a very nice lady. She knew here meat. They had beef, pork and lamb all pastured livestock. In line with ISWF, I spent the most money there. I got some steaks, some pork chops and some ground beef. They also have lard and "back fat" but I passed on this for today. I told here good quality protein was key and that I was off to the egg guy next. She said that since I was a "foodie" she told me that the organic egg guy has 4000 chickens a coop that never see the light of day. Ms. Frugal has just started pastured chickens and she sells eggs but she does not have many and offered me one dozen for $5. I took her up on that offer and skipped the "Organic Egg Guy".

The Frugal Farm has box (variety) options for order. They offer a beef and pork mixed variety box (50 lbs of meat for $350). I will evaluate against my budget!

I then shopped for fruits and veggies trying to select local and organically grown food where possible. I bought two things I have never cooked before but come highly recommended... beets and spaghetti squash. The next 30 days should be an adventure.

I was off to Tara Natural Foods for a few other items (coconut, vinegar and ketchup - all W30 ingredients). As you all know, this takes forever because you have to read every label and evaluate every price. As such, I was home late and you could cut the tension with a knife. There was some yelling and venting but I do understand that my decision to go W30 impacts them all too.

I made the "Breakfast of Paleo Champions" sweet potato fritters (I substituted Clarified Butter instead of the Coconut oil). They were pretty good (my wife liked them). Not to bad for my first recipe in the W30 challenge. Thanks Johnny M!


Two SP fritters with a fried egg (clarified butter) and some organic W30 complaint Salsa!

In the afternoon I did my workout (High intensity cardio for 40 minutes - Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance) and then we went out to do some family time and shopping. I brought my bottle of water. We went out to Costco and the rest of the family had hot fudge sundaes... I drank my water!

We got back and had Steak (one of my pasture raised purchases from the market), shrimp and organic salad greens with EVOO and Balsamic. I also had some mixed berries we bought today (Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries).

We all went out for a walk tonight. The kids decided we were walking to the convenience store for a treat. Again, I brought my water. They got some candy and we walked home.

Food today:

M1 - Vegetable Scramble (Carrot, onion and broccoli with 4 scrambled eggs) and an apple, Black Coffee

M2 - 2 Sweet Potato Fritters, salsa and a fried egg

M3 - Post Workout - Almonds and a mini cucumber

M4 - Steak, Shrimp and Salad

I use a Body Media monitor and it tracks calories burned, steps, sleep and with simple entry, weight and nutrition. I had 1956 calories today with only 106 G of protein (22% of calories from protein). I know we don't need to count calories or track these details but I do find the Body Media monitor to be an interesting tool. This is a huge decrease in protein for me compared with my last 6 weeks of eating. I will have to ensure that protein intake stays high to support my physical fitness goals.

I took over 10000 steps today and met my goals for physical activity.

All and all... it was a good day. I know it will get harder but I am up for the challenge!



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Day 2

Well day two started with me sleeping poorly plus some of the day 2 funk lead to a headache and lack of gusto this morning. I felt better by noon but it took a while. I had planned to do a leg workout today but that went by the wayside pretty early. We did go out this afternoon (beautiful sunny day) and went for a walk at a local conservation area with my wife and kids.

Again today, we ended up at an ice cream shop for my son after the walk. Did not bother me at all.

I continued pushing the learning curve today with my first attempt at Paleo Mayo. I called the kids and Michelle into the kitchen and prepared to dazzle them with my wizardry... but I forgot the lemon (acid component). It was a dismal failure (crash and burn). While cleaning up I realized that the dish with my lemon in it was not empty...

Version two was much more successful and I got four kisses from my daughter (7) for the magic trick! She did not like the taste of the mayo though. It did need more salt.

I also made "Ten-Minute Chili" for dinner and tripled the recipe as we had the four of us for dinner and I wanted some leftovers for lunches this week. I also made some Sweet Potato Fritters again today for breakfasts this week but I added one large Zucchini and replaced cinnamon with garlic. Should be interesting week.

Lunch is prepared for tomorrow and I am off to bed soon:

Meals today:

M1 - Poached egg, two fast fry pork chops, Organic Salsa, Mixed berries and coffee (black)

M2 - Green salad with tomato and peppers, almonds and pork chops, Sweet Potato Fritter, Coffee

M3 - Snack Pre-walk - 2 small plums and a handful of almonds, water

M4 - 2 servings of Ten Minute Chili (I was hungry and it was good), water

In total today - 2280 Calories with 90 grams of carbs, 147 grams of fat and 147 grams of protein. Better than day two!

After the family bumps in the road on day one... today was much better and less stressful. We both agreed that yesterday could have been better. I did give Michelle the 5 page PDF summary of the program to read today and the blog about what to expect over the 30 day time-line. She fixated on the "Kill all things" stage and asked if they should move into my in-laws for the week. I told her that she and the kids should be fine!!!

Looking forward to tomorrow - first work day on the program!



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One thing to consider you might be actually stressing your body with all those workouts and hindering your progress...I'm sure Tom or one of the ther mods can add to this..


I know the thinking on doing less to keep the stress from working out to a minimum (e.g. keeping Cortizol spikes to a minimum) but I have tried all kinds and manner of physical fitness and I finally have landed on a progam that works for me. If losing weight was my only goal (it is up there) I would fully agree with you. I need to continue to push myself and improve my health. When I do my current (extreme / intense) program, I feel good and most importantly, I can see positive changes over time. Also, I have been doing variations of my current program for a while so I want to see pre-W30 and during W30 to compare energy during intense workouts and over all energy when the workouts remain constant.

Hope this makes sense. I have read and seriously contemplated the less-is-more and Paleo (AKA Mark Sisson, moderate cardio, function strength and occasional sprints) concept for workouts. I understand it but I have found my current program to be best suited to me. I appreciate your advice and will keep an open mind as my journey towards better health moves along.



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Day 3

I went to bed last night not knowing what to expect. I had two workouts planned today with a Cardio Core and Balance workout (Insanity) this AM plus my regular BodyPump class on Lunch at my gym. I also woke up feeling the expected "hungover" on day 2 so I did not know what to expect for day 3.

Well this morning I woke up feeling great. I was more awake, and more ready to go than usual. I was pleasantly surprised. I did my Insanity workout got ready for the day, had my planned breakfast, packed up my made lunch and off to work.

This was the first work day on the program and it went very well. I was bouncing and feeling pretty darn good.

I did the planned lunchtime workout and ate right after. It was my first planned two-a-day workout day (on the W30) and I felt good and had no issues with both workouts.

My only disappointment for the day was that I did not take out the meat (pasture fed pork chops) I planned to make for dinner out of the freezer. This meant that dinner options were limited. I used this as an excuse to drop by the butcher shop in our area that I have never been to visit. Imagine my joy when I pull up and in big letters in the window are "Free Range Grass Fed Beef, Pork and Chicken - We buy our meat locally".


This made my day. I got two chicken breasts and headed home. They have pretty reasonable priced packages. I will return to the butcher shop for a larger order later.

We had a good dinner and I, for the first time ever, made beets (olive oil and garlic) to go with a salad and the chicken. Not too bad and Michelle (my wife) loved the beets and the chicken.

My Meals:

M1 - Scrambled eggs (3), Sweet potato/zucchini fritter (1), Salsa and coffee

M2 - Ten Minute Chili, Big Salad with balsamic and olive oil, Mixed Berries

M3 - Chicken Breast, Beets with Garlic and olive oil, salad with balsamic and EVOO

According to my BodyMedia account, I ate 1776 calories today with 90 grams of carbs, 100 grams of fat and 130 grams of protein. With my exercise factored in, I did a 2100 calorie deficit (burned more than I ate).

Looking forward to a good day tomorrow.



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Day 4

Well I felt really well today. I can tell you I was keenly interested in the site and the program today but not so keenly interested in work. Need to focus more as someone sometime may notice that I have not been too productive this week! Good times and good reading on the site though.

The day started with an Insanity Recovery workout. It is tough but much easier than the regular workouts. I had my breakfast soon after, grabbed my prepared lunch and off to work.

I had pre-cautioned some at work that I may be a little on edge today but no issues and I have been in quite a good mood. Lunch was great and I was happy to return home to a big hug from my son (he is not a hugger???).

I had planned pasture-fed pork chops and acorn squash tonight. When I went to the fridge to grab the pork chops I pulled out the previous evening from the freezer, they were still frozen. With my wife and daughter having to run, we made quick dinners for them and then I planned some 10 minute chili left over from Sunday Night (still good). I had the squash which was good but not great, however, I know diversity in nutrition is key!

Without making the pork chops, I was without a lunch option for tomorrow. I went to the freezer to see if there were any compliant foods that I was not aware of. I came across the forgotten box of bison burgers. Checked the ingredients and was so happy that the ingredients were: "100% bison meat (and nothing else).

I turned on the BBQ but the propane was out before it even got warm - not my night. I pulled out a frying pan and cooked two bison patties. Tomorrow I am trying them with mustard and my "compliant" ketchup found at our local health food store. I will also have a big salad and a side of strawberries.

We were running out of things (eggs) so I ran to the store tonight and also got some more propane!

My meals today:

M1 - Veggie and egg (3) scramble, sweet potato/zucchini fritter (1), salsa, banana and coffee

M2 - Leftover chicken, big salad, EV avocado oil and balsamic, cherries

M3 - Snack - 1/3 cup of natural almonds

M4 - Ten Minute Chili, acorn squash, clarified butter and garlic

Calories were 2021, Carbs - 109 g; Fat - 128 g; and Protein - 114 g. I only got 4:46 in sleep last night... Need to work on this one.



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I have that problem all the time with my meat not defrosting.. Finally worked out it was my fridge when my mushrooms were frozen at breakfast this morning! I wish we could get bison burgers here in Australia, they sound delicious!

Well done remaining compliant in an ice creamery... I know I would have struggled big time with that but it didn't even seem to faze you!

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Well done remaining compliant in an ice creamery... I know I would have struggled big time with that but it didn't even seem to faze you!

Like Melissa and Dallas say... It is a choice, unless I trip in the ice cream store and land on some fallen ice cream, I can choose (for 30 days anyways).



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Day 5

Today was a pretty good day. I decided to sleep in a bit but I laid in bed a bit last night with my mind racing so I only got just over 6 hours of sleep. I was a little tired in the early afternoon today so I did have a second coffee from Starbucks (black of course).

My wife said I seemed a little agitated when I got home (my daughter was a little rude when I walked in the door) but otherwise, the mood was good and I felt on track.

Dinner today was my first attempt at pasture raised pork (from my farmer's market on Saturday). They were not too bad and the squash was left over from yesterday. Did some research on recipes that I might want to try. Specifically, finding a good breakfast loaf recipe.

My step-sister suffers from bad, regular migraine headaches. I sent her the link to the site and the W30 program, in case she is interested!

Meals today:

M1 - Boiled eggs (3) with Sweet potato/zucchini fritter (1), salsa, banana (1/2) and coffee

M2 - Two Bison burgers with mustard/ketchup (compliant), Salad with EV avocado oil & balsamic, strawberries and coffee

M3 - Pasture-raised pork chops, acorn squash (C. butter/garlic) and salad with EVOO/balsamic

Calories were 1600, with Carbs of 70G, Fat of 98 G and protein of 110 G.

All in all a pretty good day.



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Hi DJ, I enjoyed reading your posts and think you are doing terrific! My husband and two teenage sons are in no way shape or form interested in my W30 adventure. My challenge is making it through the evenings watching tv with them while they munch away on you name it. Sometimes I just go to bed early, which really helps. I have also done Insanity and P90X, both really fun workouts. Have an amazing day!

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Day 6

Today was a tough day. The food was good and I stuck to my guns but the joy was few and fare between today...

In the words of Ren & Stimpy, "Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!"

The day started good with almost 7 hours sleep and a easy morning (no early workout). I got ready, made breakfast (scrambled eggs and Sweet Potato/Zucchini fritter, two small plumbs) and it was off to work. My wife needed the car (one car family) so I hoped on the bike and off to work.

Food went well today but I did not pack enough for my day. Riding to and from work plus Athletic Therapy (Boot Camp on steroids) at lunchtime was a lot of activity and I felt I needed more food today. I made it through. Lunch was salad, pork chop and last (1/2 serving) of the 10 minute chili plus and apple.

I was held up at work and the kids and Michelle went swimming at a friends. I was supposed to make dinner. Just before I left work, I had a sharp pain intermittently in the top of my left hip (when walking). Sometimes it was almost enough to buckle me to the ground. It did not bother me riding home but I has bothered me on and off all evening. Really weird. I have a bit of a bad hip issue but it is the back of my right leg. Hopefully rest and some Tylenol will help.

After riding home I did make a stupid decision. I was tired, sore (hip) and late getting home. Rather than make the planned chicken in the fridge plus Spaghetti Squash, I decided that getting takeout was a better idea. Kids wanted MacDonald's and Michelle and I decided to order from Pit Pit (my historic health fast food restaurant). After taking orders, I started to formulate the questions I would need to ask.

Once there, I ordered a salad with chicken on it for Michelle but I had to ask a few questions for me. Was there chicken cooked in Canola/ veg oil? Did the roast beef or ham have added nitrates, sugar? sulfite's? After asking a few questions I decided just a salad and I can put protein (and dressing) on at home. With delays and orders, it was after 7PM before we even started eating. Ouch... I should have just made the chicken in the fridge... Oh Well.

Feeling pretty good (hip issues aside) but I was a little tired midday!

Also this AM, I checked (ketone sticks) and I was showing low levels of ketones.

Meals Today:

M1 - Scrambled eggs (3) with Sweet potato/zucchini fritter (1), Ketchup, plums (2) and coffee

M2 - Snack - Pistachio nuts (1/3 cup)

M3 - Pork chop, 10 minute chili (1/2 serving). Salad with EV avocado oil & balsamic, apple and coffee

M4 - Big salad with EVOO/balsamic, Smart cooked chicken loaf (8 slices)

Calories were 1515, with Carbs of 86G, Fat of 86 G and protein of 106 G.



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I found one at my local Health food store called "Sahara Ketchup" that is W30 compliant. It has apple and orange juice (for taste amd sweetener?) and it is organic. One of my first surprise finds in my food sourcing efforts. It does not taste like Heinz but it does have nice flavour.



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DJ, I have really enjoyed your post. I too am an ex smoker 9 years now and that is when a lot of my weight came on! I too am missing my coffee with stevia and cream. I drink the coconut milk but still miss it. Alcohal...haven't kicked that...I love my wine:-) I am kicking it for these 30 days. In fact my 30 days are up the 18 and my Bday is the 20th...I see wine in my future:-) You are so good to have all the temtations in your house. I do ALL the cooking and am so bad I buy the chips and crap I don't like but the boys do so I won't be tempted. I do find it is getting easier and I am coming up with some good recipes.You are far ahead of me in the exercise routine...I HATE EXERCISE! Lat night I went for a walk with my hubby...baby steps for me baby steps:-)

have a great weekend!


also how do you get pictures on your blog. the only thing i have figured out is thumbnails at the bottom...the image button ask for a URL...don't know how to do it that way.


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Yeah MaryAnne... Quitting smoking was one of the hardest things I have done in my life. To get my mind around it... I told my wife that I was not quitting just setting it aside until I am 70 years old. If at 70 I want to pick it up again, she cannot complain (She still will). I lost a lot of weight before I quit and put it all back on and then some after. I was OK with that because quitting smoking was the bigger demon at the time.

I have no secret with exercise. Back three years ago, I knew I was only a few Big Macs and fries away from serious health and life issues. I needed to make a change and set an example for my family. I have a good job, live in a great city, have a home and loving family. I did not have my health. I realized that nobody was going to do it for me and so many factors knock you down. Excuses are easy, but I had so much to live for so I forced myself to develop a culture of exercise. For me in the start, the gym helped. I went to the gym in those early days and put 100% into the workout for that day (I was like going to work) because there were too many excuses at home. At the start it was walking, elliptical and some light weights. With time it became bigger milestones and bigger goals.

The best part was finishing my mini-triathlon (my time was not great) because it was in my home town so my wife and kids ran in the final 200 M (or yards) with me. They cheered on daddy and my daughter (5 at the time) called me her hero and said I was an athlete. Them there are some powerful words. I soon switched to working out at home and the gym. Working out at home meant the kids got to see me. I realized how much we as parents provide examples to our kids. They would come down to my basement gym and try to workout too. They would also go down themselves to "do my workout". We are powerful examples for our family. I am so very glad that three years ago, I made the decision to adopt a culture of exercise. Now I cannot imaging not having exercise in my weekly routine.

Do what you can today and ultimately, find something you enjoy. The sweat and effort is much easier when you enjoy the exercise that you do.



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Day 7

Well we are one week in. I am not staying up as late tonight. I need some good sleep and the family is going to the Kingston Market tomorrow. It should be interesting with the kids. I want to stand and chat with everyone about their food and how to eat it. The kids have no patience for this.

Forgot to mention that yesterday's biggest frustration came at lunch. My favorite workout is the Thursday lunchtime when I have "Athletic Training" which is circuit cardio and bodyweight training in one minute intervals with very little rest. The gym has announced that next Thursday is the last one. This is such a bummer. There are 15 different spin classes and they go and cancel the only Athletic Training on the schedule. For what it is worth, I wrote a letter to the gym and the corporate headquarters. 5 of my coworkers also do the class and they are complaining too. The trainer for the class is going to Wales in a little over a week to do the Ironman. She is one crazy, motivated, inspiring lady!

After my hip issues yesterday, I decided to set aside the morning workout (Core Synergistics) and do some bike work including biking to work. Boy my legs were not a fan of biking two days in a row but I know that when they are screaming at me, I am working hard.

Well I had hoped to go see Melissa and Dallas in Hoboken on September 9, 2012 but it is not in the cards. It means the weekend and much of my food budget for the W30. Right now I need to focus on the investment on me and the W30.

Lunch today was interesting. I had a tin of wild caught salmon and I used some of my Paleo Mayo to make salmon salad. I had a large green salad with avocado oil and Balsamic.

Dinner was good too being Chicken thighs roasted with crushed tomato sauce and roasted peppers, I boiled some beets and steamed broccoli. It was a good dinner. My son loved the broccoli, would not try the beets and only had one bite of chicken. He does not know what he is missing.

Tomorrow should be lots of walking with the market, shopping for school (starts Tuesday for the kids) and my Saturday chores.

Meals Today:

M1 - Boiled eggs (3) with Sweet potato/zucchini fritter (1), Ketchup and coffee

M2 - Salmon Salad with Green salad, avocado oil and Balsamic, pistachios and an apple

M3 - Roasted chicken with tomato and peppers, boiled beets and steamed broccoli

My calories were 1885 with 89 G of carbs, 116 G of fat and 127 G of protein.

Looking forward to the weekend!



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