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Take a break or jump back in?


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Hey guys,

I just need a bit of advice, I've had an absolute terrible Emotional week and I finally gave in and had pizza on day 11 of my whole30 and I was just thinking should I jump straight back in and start again tomorrow or should I give myself a few days Grace to get over my terrible week?

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Eating well is always a better choice than not eating well.


If you feel like you can't commit to 30 days right away, take it a meal at a time. Get up in the morning and decide that for breakfast, you're going to have a Whole30 compliant breakfast. Then, at lunch, choose to have a Whole30 compliant lunch. Do the same at supper. And then repeat that for 30 days. Don't say, my next 90 meals will be Whole30 compliant, if that's overwhelming. Just say, my next meal will be compliant.


The thing is, we're never, ever going to have a perfect time to do Whole30. There will always be stress and emotional stuff and dinners out with friends and family and tempting foods at the office and all the other stuff that makes it difficult to do a Whole30. Ultimately, you have to just jump in and do it, or you'll never get it done. 


It is also helpful to try to figure out new ways to deal with stress. Some things I've found helpful are either writing down my thoughts and feelings to get them out, or talking to someone I trust about it. You might find it helps to go for a walk or to meditate. I definitely don't have this part all figured out yet, and I definitely engage in emotional eating at times, but when I can step back and think about it logically, I know that pizza really doesn't help anything. 

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