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whole30 in Italy

Margie Brizz

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Hello everyone. My husband and I are on day 7 of our first whole 30. We live in Italy, so you can imagine how hard it is for us to avoid pasta! One the plus side, we have a local market twice a week, so fresh vegetables are easy to get. It's very hard to find spaghetti squash, though!

Anyone else in their fifties doing this for the first time? Anyone in Italy?

Regards, Margie

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Hi Margie, sorry it took so long to answer!


There's a thread of a bunch of amazing women around their 50's - 60's doing Whole30 for the first time.  They started in January but you can still go join in if you like. http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/23750-over-60-and-starting-first-whole30/


There's another thread right now about what to put your spaghetti sauces on and there are some good "noodly" ideas there.  I personally detest spaghetti squash, I tend to use either roasted brocoli, zoodles, yoodles or half a baked potato (sweet or white, doesn't matter) or quarter of a baked acorn squash.



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