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Second Whole30, Start Jan. 19 (Yes, it's Monday)!


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Hello everyone!


It has been 2 months since my first Whole30 attempt (http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/22507-ludas-whole30-log/).  No matter how much I promised myself to keep my eating habits closer to Whole30, it did not work. These 2 months were full of travels and hence I did not have great control on what I eat all the time. And by the end of my travels I stopped even bothering about my food choices. Now it is the time to end this. I don't feel as good as I could, my skin doesn't look as good as when I was eating healthy and I actually (honestly) miss vegetables and healthy home cooked meals. 


So starting tomorrow (January 19) I embark on my second Whole30. My goals and my weak spots are the same as in my first attempt.


Will the second time around will be harder or easier, I don't know. I hope it will. 





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