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Not hungry in mornings, feel like need more veggies/fruit and less meat?? (Day 11)

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I'm 11 days in to my first ever Whole 30. I have been eating fantastically well (recipes from Well Fed, mostly), with 3 square meals and very little snacking. There are plenty of things going very "right" with all that I'm doing. However...with one thing in particular, I'm trying to discern the fine line between "detox" and something "not healthy for me."

What I am noticing that's throwing me off is the heavy, almost weighted and oily feeling I have in my body. I like not being hungry so much, that's a huge bonus, but I have had a handful of mornings now when I wake up and don't want to eat. That is soooo unlike me. And I'm a big proponent for eating a healthy, energizing breakfast, but man it's tough to choke it down sometimes! :( I can't figure out what I'm doing to cause that response in my body...

I'm wondering if I should try to up the amount of veggies I'm eating to counterbalance? Maybe add a smidge more fruit? I have cut out most fruit thinking it would be a big trigger for me, but I just feel like I need a bit more raw, light, SOMETHING....

Maybe it's just from being tired. My body has clearly been detoxing and I am sluggish as heck, though I'm finding some improvement there.

In short, I'm not sure what's happening and I'd absolutely adore a little feedback if I could get some.

Thank you much!

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I found that as I went through my whole30 that I ate less protein at each meal after about 2 weeks. I just didn't need as much. I try to fill my plate with vegetables (3/4 veggies and 1/4 protein). Seems to be a good balance for me anyway.

I'm also not a big breakfast eater most days-if there are days I'm not particularly hungry, I make sure I at least eat two hard boiled eggs-that way I get a protein boost, but it's not a lot of food. I try to eat some veggies later in the morning.

Good luck!

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