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Hello everyone!

I have a feeling I'm going to be very grateful for this forum in the near future.

Today I am starting Whole30 and I'm pretty crazy excited. Ok and slightly nervous too. I always thought I ate an okay diet, but with battling a few health issues over the last while... I'm beginning to think, maybe not! For the past year or two, I have been struggling with eczema (started on my fingers and hands, progressed to insides of my wrists, legs, feet, back of my neck, and my face). It has been so bad on my hands where I haven't been able to shower because I could barely move my fingers. After trying various health food store creams/ointments, I have resorted to steroid cream from my doctor, but even that is beginning to lose its effect. I also have trouble sleeping where if I happen to wake up in the middle of the night, I find it very hard to get back to sleep and end up playing with my phone for an hour (or more). As of recently, I've also had a problem with an itchy head at night to the point where I wake myself up scratching and can't stop even though I know I'm doing it. I also deal with anxiety and stress on top of it all! For the longest time I thought my eczema was stress triggered but I'm beginning to lose hope on that theory... and thus... my new commitment to Whole30!

I guess that's sort of a long intro.. but if anyone can relate.. I would love any support and encouragement you have for me! I know this is going to be a struggle (hubby isn't quite committed), but I really want to do this for ME! :)

- Jessica

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Thanks for the welcome and good luck wishes!

I'm almost at the end of day 2 and feeling really good! I have had no cravings so far *knocks on wood*.. I know they are coming but I'm happy not to have to struggle with them yet! We even went to the fair today (mini doughnuts, cotton candy, food vendors everywhere you look) and I felt nothing! I was content watching the super dog show and munching on my apple and almond butter :).

Hoping the good feelings continue!!

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