Days 5-7 check-in, finally craving protein instead of sugar!


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Not sure where on the forum this goes, but just wanted to share a check-in.


This weekend, I really wasn't hungry. I mean I am a person with a pretty good appetite most of the time, and I was not at all trying to avoid eating or anything, I just didn't feel hungry.

I was a little bit tired, but energy level stable instead of roller-coastery. I freaked out on Saturday before I had to go to work and had completely run out of prepared meals, so I grabbed a bunch of snacks in a "I will do what I need to make it through today, since I really don't have any proper breaks today". My coworkers were all "ooh, interesting" at my shredded coconut. At dinner I had a normal meal.


Today there was a really interesting breakthrough. I said to myself, "I'm going to eat breakfast, and make totally sure I wait 4-5 hours before having another meal." Now when I'm busier this is easier.

Well, I had my breakfast and came home 5 hours later and said "ok, now is lunch time, you have to eat something". I had leftover chicken eggplant curry and noticed at the beginning that there wasn't much chicken in it. After I finished it, I said "hmm, that wasn't quite enough food to take me to dinner time".


And I realized I was craving MEAT!

I actually got a protein craving. If you had asked me two days ago, I was still eyeing fruit and candy every chance I got.


So I cooked up a nice clean chicken sausage. So awesome and feel really happy about this.

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