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Inner calm


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Today is day 15 of my Whole30. I didn't get the desired boundless energy that I was hoping for on days 12-15. I did get something different and really great this evening. Inner calm.


My 12-year-old daughter waited until late this afternoon to start working on a project that has to be brought to class tomorrow morning. I didn't get to do my Whole30 cooking over the weekend so I've been doing it this afternoon and evening.  While also cooking dinner for the kids my daughter told me that she had run out of styrofoam, which is what this project is being made out of. So I dashed off to the craft store to buy more. When I returned and got back to the kitchen I found that my garbage disposal is not working because black water began shooting up from it. Needless to say all of this would normally have really bothered me. I have had an inner calm throughout this afternoon and evening and nothing has touched it.


I suffer from depression and anxiety and this is really not normal for me. I tend to react to things with anxiety. This is wonderful, I really hope that it stays!

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