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New to forum, starting 2nd Whole30 on January 20


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I am starting my second Whole30 today.  The first was in August/September 2014, and went pretty well.  My goal then was to find out  was afraid of the whole thing at first, so continued to have plain kefir and hummus for a few days.  I ran out of hummus and didn't make more, and realized the kefir was making me stuffed up, so stopped that too.  After that, I worked the program for about 6 weeks.  Felt much better, had much more energy, and lost about ten pounds in that time.  My blood work improved as well, making my nutritionist and general practitioner quite happy.


It ended in late October with the onset of the season of baked goods.  From then until mid-January, I had occasional sweets and added legumes back as a regular part of my diet.  I'd say legumes don't do my body any harm -- I generally felt better having some beans, probably from the added fiber and general bulk. 


The sweets, on the other hand, consistently tasted bad and made me feel yucky.  The exceptions to that are the things my husband occasionally bakes (he is an excellent cook).  Frankly, the day he made cupcakes from the recipe we used for our wedding cake, I revelled in it and didn't feel one bit of guilt.  I think that's what sweets are -for-. 


Still, the nutritionist would like me to lose another 20 pounds.  She doesn't mind if it takes a couple of years to do it -- and she wants me to exercise every day for that whole time (and the rest of my life too).  So my goal with this second Whole30 is to increment downward again while continuing to ramp up the exercise and general fitness.


I would also like to identify whatever it is that is still causing occasional gastrointestinal issues.  They're much better than they were -- I am clearly lactose intolerant -- but there is something else that also causes me difficulties.  It has happened before, during, and after the Whole30, but was much better when I was in the middle of it.  (I will never eat another Subway salad, though.)


So, I guess my next stop is the logs area?


ThyPeace, saying hello.

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Welcome, good on you for coming back to Whole30 and with some good goals in mind!  You're more than welcome to keep a log, for the most part they are unmoderated (save for anything dangerous or offensive) so if you feel that you need any guidance or specific meal feedback this time around, post in Troubleshooting.


Glad to have you here!

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Thank you very much!  I appreciate the pointer -- and spent quite some time reading debates about kombuchu, restarts, and chocolate.  Fun!


ThyPeace, never heard of kombuchu before this.  Will have to try it one day.

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