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Fueling for 80+ mile bike ride


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Hi guys! I just started my first whole 30 and have a question! I'm going on an 80 mile ride this weekend. The group I ride with will keep an 18-20mph pace over that distance. Typically (pre-W30, I would eat some granola an hour before I went out, and then would eat gels, clif bars + the occasional coke during the ride. If I am understanding "the rules" correctly, I should eat a small pre ride meal of mostly protein + fat and then shouldn't eat again until after the ride. Honestly, I can't see how that will work. Have others fueled this way for endurance exercise and made it work? I'm sure I could do it and go slog slowly through the 80 miles, but I actually want to feel good and be able to hang with the group!


Any thoughts, suggestions, experiences welcome.




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Hi Heather,


  If you have just started your Whole30, do not expect too much energy until you are at minimum 10 - 14 days into the program. Everyone is different and it could take less or more time for you to become fat adapted.


  Give your body time to adapt to the changes you are putting it through. Going on this ride will probably leave you feeling frustrated and ready to throw in the towel.


  That being said ...


Yes, others have fueled this way successfully. Click the link in my signature and find specifics, including my recommendations on fueling in the days preceding your ride - very important.


You are correct on the pre-workout meal of protein and fat. What time does the ride start? If you have time (ie not getting up and riding within an hour, I would eat a full template breakfast. The pre-workout meal is really not for "fuel" but to signal your body activity is coming.


During your ride, you should definitely eat. Carry several things to try:

  • compliant baby food pouches like sweet potatoes, beets, butternut squash
  • This is the perfect time to bring along RXbars, WildZora, Chapul or Larabars (read your labels)
  • Bananas
  • Your own blended concoction of sweet potatoes, a little apple juice and a little coconut milk
  • Coconut water (no added sugars, etc)

Wishing you luck. Be gentle with yourself.

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