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Food Prep - looking for family sized meals I can make ahead and freeze?


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My family has agreed to eat whatever I am eating when they are home, so I don't have to fix several separate meals.  I am also using this opportunity to change diets for my children in hopes that it will help with my 12 year old's ADHD/ODD and my 8 year old's Autism/ADHD.  What are some large (and hopefully kid-friendly) Whole 30 compliant meals that I can fix ahead of time, stick in the freezer and pull out to make for dinner when needed?  And some that I don't prep ahead, too, but I would like to prep as much ahead as possible to save money (and because sometimes, I don't realize it's time to make dinner until 5 pm and I haven't even started thinking about what to fix yet, lol).  Also - does anyone have a good recipe for Whole30 compliant lasagna?  I'm thinking with eggplant instead of pasta?

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Well Fed cookbook has an amazing Eggplant Strata recipe. I make it regularly and highly recommend it. Well Fed is so worth the small investment for many amazing recipes, all whole30 compliant but one.


Search Tip: google "Whole30 freezer meals" and you you will usually get results here on the forum. Here's what I got:







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