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Since my first Whole 30 (currently on day 21 of my 4th), I've been slowly working through a laundry list of underlying health concerns that I've either been ignoring or unable to separate from the general overlay of ill health and inflammation that my poor diet and inflammation created. Even my primary (Whom, I must admit, I adore) has commented on all the work I've been doing to get myself truly healthy, and has started gearing my health care toward helping me further that work. Thanks to Whole 30, I've had a 33 year old ankle injury properly diagnosed and repaired. I've had my diagnosis of chronic ulcerative colitis removed. We've found the actual cause of my persistent unexplained dizziness.


And now, I'm finally facing my biggest health obstacle head-on: Dentistry. I'm a true dental phobe (for legit reasons), and haven't seen one for WAY too many years (for probably not-so-legit reasons). As a result, my mouth is a major mess. I finally bit the bullet last week and visited a dentist who specializes in dental phobes and sedation dentistry. (To show just how strong of a phobia I have, I didn't sleep the night before and ended up crying just during the x-ray process. And this place SPECIALIZES in dealing with these fears. They were wonderful. I was a mess!) Unfortunately, their anesthesiologist determined that, due to my history, I'm not a candidate for in-office sedation. But, because I have managed to believe in myself and my self worth enough to complete multiple W30s, I wasn't ready to give up on myself in this. I will have the work done without sedation. It's not going to be easy, fun, or even less than terrifying, but I know I can do this. Because I know, thanks to Whole 30, I'm worth it. :)

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