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Breast Lump


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I'm 17 days into my Whole 30, and yesterday I discovered a lump in my left breast.  I'm freaking out.  It may be a cyst but I have no way of knowing.  Why is this happening now when I've made such an effort to be healthy?  I even started exercising on Saturday!  


I know the lump probably has nothing to do with the Whole 30 and is a coincidence.  I'm just very nervous now.  I have a doctor's appointment on Friday, which is the soonest they would see me.  


Does anyone have experience with these things?  Is there a way I can tell if it is a cyst and not something worse?  I had a very large cyst (baseball size, it was so painful and awful) one other time, back when I was a sophomore in high school.  I was a very late bloomer so it happened within 6 months of starting my period.  I figured hormones were the reason and it has never happened again since then.  Could hormonal changes be the reason this is happening now?  


Normally my breasts are tender on day 25 of my cycle.  That's actually the only reason I noticed this lump; I was feeling around because for the first time in a few months I really wasn't sore.  


Ugh, I didn't expect this at all...

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Oh no!  I am so sorry that you have to deal with this but excellent that you caught it and can get it checked out asap!


Eating meat, veggies, some fruit and fat wouldn't give you a breast cyst so I would think this is all a coincidence.


I don't have any breast lump experience or advise but I will say this: STAY OFF OF GOOGLE. No good can come of trying to self diagnose yourself!  Friday is 2 days away, nothing is going to happen in 2 days.


Thoughts with you, please keep us posted on what happens!

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You are definitely right about staying away from google.  I looked a little this morning and then decided it was just stressing me out too much.  


I don't know if it's a good or a bad sign, but I'm becoming more sore.  As much as I hated the cyst I had in high school I'd rather have that than cancer, or something worse.  Ugh, I just want to know.  I hate waiting.  


Friday afternoon can not get here fast enough for me...

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More sore because you keep poking around at it? ;) In all seriousness, you're focussing all of your attention and stress to the area and maybe messing with it a bit, it's going to feel more pronounced.

Try to breathe, pour some tea, go to bed early.

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I went to the doctor on Friday. She didn't seem very concerned but wants me to get an ultrasound done just to be safe. I told her there was a chance I was pregnant and she said "well, the more you tell me the more I think that is probably the case." I had taken a test that morning and it was negative.

I took another test today though, and I got a very faint positive line. So, I guess I am pregnant! Now I'm REALLY freaking out. I mean we were trying and this was planned, but still, I don't think I could ever really be prepared. I am very scared about pregnancy, actually. Gaining weight? Scary.

Anyway, that is my update. The lump is still there, of course.

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