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I started on January 20!


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I apologize if I'm not doing this right. I can do almost anything on a computer, but forum stuff just defies me.


I have tried DASH, Atkins, even Nutrisystem; I lose the weight...for a while. I'm hooked on sugar, you see. The hiatus from it is like being a dry drunk. Then my sugar addiction takes over...again.


I have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which causes insulin resistance, among other things. So I started wondering if the sugar issues are metabolic/chemical/biological, if cutting out grains would be a good choice for staying on the wagon. That led me to Whole 30.


In addition to PCOS, I had ulcerative colitis (a form of inflammatory bowel disease [iBD]), diagnosed in 2002. Notice I said "had." I had surgery in 2004 to remove my colon and rectum. So I'm "cured." Although I don't suffer the horribleness of UC anymore, I do have serious absorption issues, and I'm basically one big inflammation: pernicious anemia, asthma, allergies... Not to mention that, lacking a colon, I walk the line of dehydration daily.


So here's to the end of Day 2! I love to eat Good Food. I'm hoping to break my sugar addiction once and for all. I'm so tired of eating well for a few months, and then succumbing to my sugar addiction. AGAIN.


I exercise 6-7 days per week, including swimming laps, training to run a 5k, taking "muscle" (free weights) classes, occasional yoga and Pilates, cycling. Last year I completed two sprint distance triathlons, and I will do another one this year. I'm not an accomplished athlete; I kind of hate to exercise. But my YMCA offers two hours of childcare per day, so there I am! I have 3-year-old boy/girl twins and an 8 1/2-year-old son.

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